Get your head in the game (French Fridays with Dorie: Osso Bucco a la Arman)

After spending a week in Arizona, I am having a really hard time wrapping my head around the memories of the ever so fall-friendly dish of Osso Bucco.

Instead my mind is wandering off to memories of the Elote appetizer from the Cafe Elote in Sedona, the chicken enchiladas mole from Rosita's Place in Phoenix or the Buffalo Filet Mignon from the El Tovar.

 Nope, osso bucco is definitely not on my brain. Fortunately, it is on my hard drive...


All figured out (French Fridays with Dorie: Baking Chez Moi)

It's a special week over at French Fridays with Dorie.

We're celebrating the Dorie's birthday, the release of Dorie's new book (Baking Chez Moi) and four - count them - four years of cooking together.

First of all - we are celebrating with a few surprises from the upcoming book (yes, the pictures are a spoiler alert) - more about that later. 


One man's junk... (Tuesdays with Dorie BwJ: Puff Pastry Pizzettes)

There are a category of recipes that I call "non-recipe recipes". I see these as ideas that someone smarter than I had once upon a time.

"If you have leftover XYZ, you should do ABC."

Of course I should....Slaps hand to forehead.



Pretty is as pretty does (French Fridays with Dorie: Celery-Celery Soup & Monkfish w/ Double Carrots)

In the month of October, it seems like French Fridays with Dorie's mission is to search out the ugliest ingredients possible and force us to figure out how to make these ugly monstrosities pretty enough to eat. I will be so glad when we get to dessert week...

First up, celery-celery soup.