Baby, it's cold outside....

It's cold outside. Perhaps not as cold as it has been or will be this winter, but it's pretty gosh-darn cold. Cold enough that I gave in and turned the heat up to a whopping 64F tonight in the house. But, I know I am not the only cold one -- I was speaking with a gentlemen from Houston today who was bemoaning the cold wave that has us all in its stranglehold. (Although, I will admit I had some trouble feeling too sorry for their 30F weather when it was hovering around 11F in my garage this morning).

Alas, it is only January 6th. I am so ready for the warm days of spring when the first blades of grass push through the ground. But, not all is lost in the winter. Winter brings hockey and baking! The kitchen bug flees during the warm days of summer and spring/ fall are generally lost to high school sports. But winter is for baking. Last year, I received the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER - a shiny red KA Stand Mixer -- her name is Red. Since then, Red and I have had many great adventures - from bread to pasta to ice cream and on and on. Red has made me 85% fearless in the kitchen.

So here I am on a Wednesday evening trying to figure out what Red & I are going to do this weekend. (Wow, that sounded like the theme of Phineas and Ferb - I have been watching far too much Nick with my girl). Finding ways to sneak grains into my baking is one of my New Year tangents. (Thanks to King Arthur Flour's Whole Grain Baking cookbook for a huge dose of inspiration). Who knew that you could make moist & fudgy brownies with whole wheat flour??? (I do now).

Inspriration has not struck yet, but there are two more days to figure it out.

Oh, by the way -- the photo is from last winter, but it captured how I was feeling today!

Time to get back to the "Grandma Recipe Project" - but more of that another day.

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  1. I like your blog, hate phineas and ferb...lol, and I keep my heat on 70. 64 is way too cold for me :). Good luck wth inpiration. :) Karie


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