Don't try this at home kids!

Ok.  There are days in the kitchen when you go for something and you know its against your better judgement, but you figure you can take your chances and sneak it past the baking sprites.  Some times they are paying attention and getcha!
This is what happens when you have a combination of "just a little bit of extra" ricotta in the container that you want to use up and "oops, I didn't seal it up all the way".  The poor baking stone & bottom of the oven were even worse for the wear, but I figured I would save everyone from seeing the carnage.  Let me tell you -- baked ricotta on the oven floor -- does not smell so hot!

Is this a lesson learned for me, "the non-follower of directions"???  I doubt it.  The next time I have "just a little bit left" of something I will probably make the same bonehead choice.  I was able to find amusement in all of this, however.  I thought the cheese coming out of the side looked like a tongue and the slits on top resembled a nose and eyes -- which led me to wonder if the baking sprites were sticking their tongue out at me to let me know that they caught me. 

The calzone still tasted REALLY good; but would have been more enjoyable without the mess in the oven to clean up!

Happy mid-January by the way!  It's supposed to hit the 40's today.  HEAT WAVE!

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