I need some color!

For old bugs like me who need to be in bed & half way to sleep before ten o'clock (or risk becoming a non-functioning human for the next twenty nine hours) - here is a thought... don't go to the 9:35 PM showing of Avatar.  Who knew this movie was a 2.5+ hour event.  That being said - excellent movie.  The 3D effects were pretty cool (although the silly glasses a) wouldn't stay on my head and b) drove my eyes buggy).  I went in to the movie expecting a dark, boring & loud action (translate - gory) movie.  I was pleasantly surprised by a movie that had action, a plot and lots of bright images.  I give this movie a thumbs up - just go to an earlier showing! (Can you say matinee???). 

My one grump was that it was so COLD inside the theater.  Of course, when we went into the movie, it was a whopping 4 degrees and a balmy -2 by the time it ended.  All of this cold and gray is making me crave bright & sunny food (which usually must involve fish, citrus & a green vegetable).  I am sorry the picture doesn't do justice to the meal (I used my BB, can't find my camera), but it was oh, so good.

Spicy Orange Glazed Salmon with Wilted Spinach & Brown Rice (for two)

2 tsp brown sugar
1.5 TBS cajun seasoning (look for low sodium varieties - I found most to be too salty. 
2 salmon fillets (boneless, skinless, 6 oz each)
Vegetable Oil for pan (I don't recommend Olive Oil on this recipe, it gets too smoky)
1/2 cup orange marmalade (sugarless/ low-sugar versions do well here)
1.5 TBS lime juice

1 package of baby spinach
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 TBS olive oil

1 cup brown rice (or more if you are a rice lover) prepared according to package instructions (the steam & serve bags of brown rice that you can now find in the freezer section work great here)

Combine brown sugar & cajun seasoning to form a rub.  Rub mixture into salmon -- don't be afraid to use your fingers, you want it to get in there really well.  Let rest ~5 minutes.  Pre-heat non-stick skillet w/ vegetable oil over medium/ medium high heat.  When pan is ready, place fillets in pan and cook ~3-4 minutes on each side until salmon flakes.  While salmon is cooking, mix marmalade & lime juice and set aside. 

Once you have started cooking the salmon, pre-heat a second pan over medium heat with olive oil.  When pan is ready, saute garlic and then add spinach until slightly wilted. 

Once salmon is testing done, add the marmalade in pan and cook until melted.  Turn salmon (Be carefull! flaky salmon = break apart) to coat in sauce.  Transfer to plate, pour remaining glaze over top of salmon.  Serve wilted spinach & brown rice alongside. 

YUM!  A quick & colorful dinner for a blah, cold, upstate NY evening. 

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