They liked it, they really liked it...

As part of my informal, getting everyone to "eat a little better" goal (NOT A RESOLUTION!!!!), I have been finding ways of sneaking whole grains into everyone's diet.  This weekend's experiment was Orange Bundt Cake made with a 2:1 ratio of whole wheat pastry flour to KAF All-Purpose Flour (which has a higher proteien % than most store flours).  Cake was topped with an orange juice glaze.  Wasn't sure if everyone would go for a dessert with such a high proportion of whole wheat, but the verdict is in.  Cake got made late Sunday night... this is what I found when I came home from work Monday.  Taster comments: "very good, but kind of tastes like corn bread" (which was very weird, because no corn-meal like substance was added in the cake).  But - good news is that both girls liked it - even "the super-fussy one"; so, I felt like I won. 

It had been a very long time since I had made a bundt cake.  They always seem to be a bit of a "throw back" dessert (as in throw you back in time, not throw it back because its yucky).  Desserts like this remind me of my Grandma Baker.  Although not very large in stature, "my" Grandma B. has always been larger than life in my mind. When Grandma passed away over ten years ago (in her mid-nineties), it left a huge hole in the hearts of all those who were blessed enough to be touched by having her in their life. And as the mother of ten and grandmother/ great grandmother (and then some) to "legions", her world of love was large.

Some of my favorite childhood memories were spent at Grandma's house on Saturday mornings or Monday evenings -- learning how to knit & crochet, playing cards (Go Fish! & solitaire), walking to Stewart's for ice cream, and of course the goodies! The cookies at Christmas, the zucchini bread all year round, the biscuits at holidays. Everyone in the family has their favorite Grandma goody. And while we miss the goodies, what we miss most is the person.

Another memory of Grandma Baker involves her little black book. In this book are recorded births, deaths, marriages -- the Baker/ Fosmire family lineage painstakingly recorded. Even better, the back of Grandma's book is where she kept all of her recipes. In an effort to re-capture some of these memories and re-create a little slice of Grandma, I have taken on the project of typing up & organizing Grandma's recipes. As is the case with many family handed down recipes, many are just a list of ingredients with an oven temperature and time. So, capturing these recipes on screen has also involved some editing and instruction creating. I have been finding some long lost treasures along the way -- and some that I had no idea existed in Grandma's repertoire (who knew Grandma made quiche????).

So, here is one of those long-lost nuggets...

"Sauce for brockely" (as spelled in recipe :-O )

1 can cream mushroom soup
½ cup milk
2 tbs butter & lemon juice
2 eggs (slightly beaten)

Combine ingredients and simmer until slightly thickened (~5 minutes). Pour over "brockely".

Grandma - I hope I give this project the justice it deserves. We miss you!

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