Why Pay More?

There are certain little tidbits from my youth that have stayed with me as time has progressed.  Little mini-episodes that pop into my head at what is usually the wrong moment.  One of my all-time favorites (and I think it rates pretty high on my sister's list too) is "Why Pay More?" 

As a "wee-mite", I would spend parts of summer break staying with my sister in Eastern PA.  In those days, Pennsylvania was a land of wonder and DIFFERENT GROCERY STORES! (When you are eight, this is a big deal - what can I say?)  No Grand Union or Price Choppers in that neck of the woods - no sireee...  This is the land of Shop Rite and Pathmark.  Now, one of those grocery stores carried its own "store brand" of foods under the brand of  "Why Pay More"?  No big deal, right???  All stores carry brands under their own labeling that are purported to be "just as good" as the national brands and I would say in many cases this is true.  But alas, there are exceptions to the rule... 

One evening, as my sister was preparing a meal, she opened one of these lovely "Why Pay More?" canned goods to use as apart of the meal.  I can't remember the exact atrocity that she discovered, but I remember clearly looking at my sister, looking at that can, pointing to it and blurting out "Why Pay More?  That's why you pay more!"  At some point, we picked ourselves up off the floor from laughing and moved on, but that seemingly innane event has left me permanently suspicious of store brands. 

Over time, I have used my "superior adult logic" to move beyond my natural bias.  But, alas, every once in a while, a buying decision made in the interests of economy comes back to bite me and I am quickly transported back to that "Why Pay More?" moment in time.  This morning, I took such a journey.  A couple of weeks ago, while shopping at the "Big-T", I noticed that the store brand of coffee beans were on sale and were about 2$ cheaper per bag than the Starbucks beans I normally buy.  They were the same roast, so no big deal - right?  WRONG.  This morning, I rolled out of bed and into the kitchen and started the coffee-maker eagerly awaiting that first sip of ambrosia -- you know how you eagerly anticipate that first sip in the morning.  The long-awaited moment finally came.  I poured my cup, took a deep whiff and prepared my self to savor my morning cuppa...  I took my first sip and it hit me like a brick.  UGH, BLECH & PHOOEY.  I was having a "Why Pay More?" moment.  A couple of hours and two-toothbrushings later, I still can't get the taste out of my mouth.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some!  I can you one thing I am losing... that bag of coffee beans.  Good riddance.

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