Cher (heart) King Arthur Flour

I know that many girls dream of bouquets of flowers for Valentine's Day, but my happy place involves flour -- lots and lot of flour!  No roses for this girl (not that I wouldn't appreciate them if they came my way...) Rye, Wheat, White Whole Wheat, Pumpernickel, Graham, Durum Semolina...  Those are the things that dreams are made of.  Oh, and unique ingredients, pans, cookbooks, other kitchen paraphenalia...  Ah.  Just thinking about it puts a goofy grin on my face. 

I probably don't even have to mention that the best source of so many of these things is King Arthur Flour.  Which "JUST HAPPENS" to be in Norwich, VT.   Which "JUST HAPPENS" to be across the river from Hanover, NH.   Which "JUST HAPPENS" to be the home of Dartmouth College.  Who "JUST HAPPENS" to be in ECAC Div I Hockey with Union College.  Who "JUST HAPPENED" to be playing Union College on their home ice two days before Valentine's Day.  Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge...  It was fate, I tell you.  It was fate. 

You should know that this has been on my list of "things I really, really, really want to do" for a very long time.  I have made a couple of subtle hints; but never really pushed it, knowing that life was just a little too crazy and it wasn't in the stars.  I was getting pretty bummed that my secret wish just wasn't gonna happen.  But a few days ago, my almost extinguished wish was restored and the stars started lining up again.  I told you it was fate.  On Thursday, the stars finally finished lining themselves up and I found out my Valentine's present was going to be the granting of my wish - 1 Union Hockey game + 1 trip to King Arthur Flour.  YEAH! 

We packed up the girl into the car and made the drive.  Three hours later (angel music & heavenly voices in the background), we had arrived.  Walking into the store was like finding the holy grail.  Walls and walls of my favorite baking goodies.  Things only seen on the pages of the catalogue were now in front of me for the touching and taking (with buying, of course).  Oh!  And they had a bakery.  A bakery I tell you. Goodies freshly baked by the "King Arthurians"in the King Arthur Flour bakery.  I could have just layed down on the flour and wept with joy.  Really, I could have.  It was better than a trip to Disneyland.  (P.S. The reason that there are no pictures of the girl is that she had the camera.  I had bolted out of the car and into the store before the car stopped rolling...)

Of course I walked out with a few bags of goodies and some treats from the bakery.  DUH!  And, of course I was plotting how I could get back there one more time before leaving Saturday morning.  (I wasn't very secretive about that desire - in fact, I was down right blunt!).  I know that flour & college hockey isn't every girls dream Valentine's Day experience, but for this girl it was one of the most thoughtful presents ever.  The "boy" and & the girl were both very accommodating of this girl's pilgrimage. 
I know that I haven't said much about the Union game yet.  That gets a post all of its own - I felt each topic deserved it's own special treatment.  For now, I am signing off.  There are some bags of flour sitting in my kitchen dying to get turned into something.  It feels like Christmas!

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