Nature's Snowglobe

I can't complain about the very unusual winter we have been having.  Yes, it has been a very cold winter; but the lack of snow has been a little refreshing.  So, of course on the day I have to go pick up my shiny, clean new car we get the first significant snow fall of the year...  The good news is that the car handled the weather really well (even better than the Subaru).  But, now that I have had my obligatory grumble, I must admit the heavy mess was very pretty. 

A shot of the back deck...

Pretty snow...

Snow hoops, anyone???

More snow on the trees...

Hey, I had my piece done...

No picnics today, eh?

No, the tree isn't falling over - I took this picture at an angle.

This snow was so heavy, that it clung to everything.

One more month of "winter"!

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