The Dabbler's Impromptu Adventure

The waves drew me in.  I knew I had a journey to embark on.  But, hey, for the first time since I had touched land I wasn't on a tight schedule.  As long as I made it to Houston that night, I was good to go... 

When I crossed the bridge over the Intercoastal Waterway, I saw a sign that said Galveston 44 miles up the Blue Water Highway & San Luis Pass...  I knew the road I was on went to Galveston Island and that from Galveston Island, you could take I-45 on in to Houston.  All of the times I have been to this part of Texas, I have never been to Galveston (of Hurricane Ike fame).  So, while I really didn't have a good clue of where I was going (just enough to get myself in trouble) - I figured the worst that could happen would be that I had to back track an hour or two... and hey - I've been there and done that!!!

Much to the consternation of my "nag-ivator", I ignored her repeated orders to "TURN AROUND WHEN POSSIBLE" and headed up the coast for what was probably one of the most beautiful drives I have ever taken.  (Eventually, she got with the program and started giving me the directions I wanted her to give me.  She could have saved us both some aggravation if she cooperated sooner).  That's the funny thing about "nag-ivators" - they just can't read your mind!

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, there really aren't any zoning laws in Texas.  This picture was taken on my way out of Surfside Beach - you can see the campers in the foreground and I think that the reactors sticking up in the background are Dow. 

This shot is of the mainland across the Intercoastal Waterway (if you look closely in the background, you can see the line up of plants across the ship channel).

This shot was taken on the South side of Galveston.  If you notice, all of the beach houses are up on stilts/ platforms.  Reason... hurricanes.  As I drove up the coast, you could still see the ravages of Hurricane Ike (2008).  It was not at all uncommon to see blue tarps covering the roofs of houses.  Seeing the damage to the sea wall and the piers in Galveston was unsettling to say the least.  I didn't drive the last couple of miles into Historic Galveston (that will be a goal for a future trip). 

It is not often that I let myself take time to smell the roses (or the sea breeze as the case may be)...  The constant push to "be somewhere" always seems to be at my back.  But everyone once in a while I need to give myself a kick in the seat to just get out there an experience life.  You only get one shot, 'eh?  This impromptu drive definitely paid off in visual interest -- and put me in a more "zen" frame of mind as I prepared for another day of travel. 
To end my story, I made it up to hotel just after nightfall (3rd night, 3rd hotel).  Up at 4AM and at the airport by 5 AM.  Hit Albany about 1:30 PM.  Home by 3 - and crash....  Game over for this girl - Nothing says exhaustion quite like Domino's on paper plates for dinner. 

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