Deep in the heart of Texas... "Dos"

My third day and final full day in the "Lone Star State" proved slightly less busy than the first two.  I was down in Freeport, so most of my day was spent on site (no driving around in crazy Houston traffic).  It amazes me how different things are an hour or so South of the "big city".  It's kind of like the difference between being in New York City and Gloversville. 

In Freeport, chemicals are King.  Behemoths like Dow, BASF and Shintech pretty much run the show.  If you don't work there, someone in your family probably does.  Of course, Dow is the grand-daddy of them all.  Because Dow, is well... Dow - the Walmart of chemicals.  Here are a few pictures of Dow in the horizon - like I said before, I get a little skittish about taking pictures down there.  I have a pretty healthy respect for chemical plant security. 

Several appointments later, another long day had come to a close; and around 5:30 PM, it was time to take the hour and forty five minute drive back up to the airport (I had a 6:30 AM flight).  Since it was still daylight and un-New Yorkly warm for a mid-March day (duh, I was in Texas), I decided to grab my camera and drive the mile or so down the road to the beach before heading off. 

Yes - those are shorts!

Alas, it was time to give up my taste of the ocean for the drive back to the city.  But, having had a deep breath of ocean air, I wasn't quite ready to give it up.  So, the dabbler (camera & GPS on the front seat) decided to have an impromptu adventure.

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