Sometimes you just get something stuck in your head & have to run with it...

One quirk that I have discovered about myself is that I get caught up in the idea of something and can not rest until I have ran with it.  Of source, this has led to many kitchen ware acquisitions (can you say tart pans, pasta rollers & jars of lavender - which makes really cool cookies, by the way). 

One of the more recent items that I have fixated on is Baker's Ammonia.  I have come across several cookie recipes using Baker's Ammonia, claiming to make cookies of a texture that I have been trying to accomplish with out much success.  So, when I came across this post (Reverse Faux-reos Redux), I decided that I had waited long enough and gave in and bought a jar of Ammonium Carbonate so that cookie perfection could be mine.  All I can say, is that it is a good thing that my urges usually run toward the achievable.  It would be very bad if I started fixating on Coach Purses or jewelry or something. But hey, I am a simple girl (not simple as in slow - so stop right now!)

So on one of those Wintery Wednesday Evenings...I jumped in and went for it. 

If I was in one of my patient moods, I would painstakingly recreate the recipe here.  But... since I spent my morning making a 10 layer cake (another one of those crazy ideas that got stuck in my head) and two loaves of bread, I have used up all my patience.  What I can say, is that the cookie was incredibly crispy.  This is the first time I have been able to achieve this particular texture in a cookie.  The cool shape on top came from pressing the cookie down with the lightly sugared bottom of a food processor pusher.  Go figure. 

While the cookies were baking, I made the chocolate ganache to go inside.  Frosted them up and "ta da".

I took a bunch of them into work with me the next day and they were declared to be most excellent.  So some evening when I am feeling patient again, I will do these again. 

Right now, it is in the low forties & sunny and I am feeling the need to get some sunshine!  See ya.

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