Warning - Cleaning Kitchens may be hazardous to your health

No pictures today, just a boo hoo story. 

Last night, after baking some bread & a calzone, I noticed that all of my stainless steel appliances were looking very smudgy.  This is a CONSTANT battle that I have - I clean them and clean them and clean them and they just never look pretty and shiny (at least not for long).  Yes - I have tried streak free & grease cutting products.  Just can't get it right.  So until I find that miracle product, so it goes. 

Anyhoooo, as I was on my third Windex of the dishwasher - yes, I did say third (The stove took four)...  anyhoo, while trying to clean some of those awkard spots at the bottom of the dishwasher, I ran the top of my finger into the very sharp unfinished metal on the underside of the bottom rim.  I made some very large grunt that my children quickly (and correctly) assessed as a cry of pain.  Of course, I was mid-Windex and if I didn't finish drying it I would have had to clean it AGAIN...  So with chunk missing (the oozing hadn't started yet), I bravely finished cleaning the front of the dishwasher and then ran into the bathroom to apply some light first aid...

I am okay, I promise!  Nothing a BandAid & some ointment couldn't fix.  But man, that hurt like a son of a gun.

Lesson learned: cleaning hurts!

I am so glad its almost Friday. 

Ok - I lied.  One picture of Joshua Tree National Park in California.  Now that the snow has melted, the dry brown grass that is popping out all around us makes me think of the desert... Just not as warm.


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