He doesn't have eight sides....

He doesn't have eight arms...

He didn't give birth to eight kids at one time...  (To which we all say WHEW!  Especially mom...)

But someone is having an octo-birthday today...

One wife of 50+ years, three kids, six grand kids and four great grandchildren later...  He still has most of his hair (although a little grayer).  He still has most of his wits and a sense of humor.  Grandpa Rocky has immeasurable patience for all of his kids and grandkids escapades.  And we all have had our share of antics...

He even has a mountain range named after him...

The Grandpa Rocky Mountains, of course! - I won't even make any funny jokes about him being around when the mountains were formed.  Nope, I will hold myself back.  Not one comment comparing his age to that of dirt.  Nope, not me.  (And yes, that's a very rare photo sighting of me half way up one of the peaks at Rocky Mountain National Park.)

Thanks for being part of the team that's helped to mold us into the responsible (?) adults that we have become.  Thank you for imparting lessons of patience.  Thank you for chasing after me in stocking feet when I decided to ride to Grandma's on my tricycle at the tender age of three.  Thank you for the stubborn streak.  Thank you for the trips to rescue me on the NYS Thruway when my car broke down "half" (3/4's) way between home and Philadelphia.  Thank you for all of the help with the house repairs -  replacing sparking light fixtures while I was eight months pregnant, installing a new kitchen, laying floors...  Thank you for putting me through private school and college.  Thank you for the Rush Limbaugh right wing conservatism.  Thank you for coming to the rescue when I ran over the wasp nest.  Thank you for taking me to the emergency room (and all of the following surgeon & doctor's visits) when I decided to have a battle with a can of Campbell's soup.  I think I will stop there...it's starting to make my head hurt to think about how many times you had to rescue me.

Anyway, Happy Octo-birthday, dad! 

With all of our love,

Cher & the two sidekicks. 

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