Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Gluten-Free Cheese Rolls)

One of the tangents that I am still on is experimenting with different flours.  There is a whole-wide world of alternative choices for baking beyond standard All-Purpose flour (and even A-P flours aren't standard across different brands).  I find flours made from sources other than wheat particularly interesting to fiddle with (Like this post on buckwheat scones).   Fortunately, we do not have any major food allergies in our house (only some medium to minor intolerances - nothing life style altering), so my dabbling around is purely for my own amusement.

When I saw this post for Gluten Free Cheese Buns on KAF's Baker's Banter, it combined two things that caught my eye - cheese & an alternative flour (tapioca flour).  I also liked that the recipe said these could be frozen and would reheat nicely in the microwave (~10-15 seconds).  It's also kind of fun to say "Pão de Queijo" in your best (or worst) Brazilian accent. 

The batter for these came together really quickly - it reminded me of puff-pastry dough.  The brand of flour I was using left a dough that was a little loose using only 2 cups of the flour, so I threw a bit more in until I thought I had it right.  (It only had to be right in my mind, 'eh???)

Here are the little bundles in the oven.  (I am still madly in love with my USA Pans cookie sheets - they are most excellent).

Here they are out of the oven and ready for my tummy...

#2 thought they tasted like Cheez-It's (in case you weren't sure, that is a compliment coming from her.  Cheez-it's are one of her favorite snacks...sometimes). 

These were excellent straight out of the oven - instant gratification!  They froze well and about 12 seconds in the microwave zapped them back to their pre-frozen glory

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