Did I do that????

It was an "Urkelesque" kind of moment.  But in a good way... (not like when Steve Urkel did something so horrifying that Carl would start hyper-ventilating - Family Matters/ tv show from 1980's - in case you needed a frame of reference).  His goof ball escapades used to crack me up - especially when that whiny, nasally voice queried "Did I do that?" (Click the following link to see Steve Urkel Vintage Clips from You Tube). 

Every once in a while, something comes out of my kitchen that defies explanation.  Ok, this isn't a toot my own horn kind of thing, but rather it is a "how did I ever manage to make something like that" kind of thing. 

I don't know what the rhyme or reason is - maybe it was the atmoshperic pressure, maybe I actually followed a recipe the way it was written, maybe I just lucky.  I really don't have a clue.  But let me tell you, something was going my way in the kitchen the day I tried making Braided Lemon Bread for the first time. 
I seem to be running short on inspiration these days.  Not spending any less time in the kitchen, just needed to take a hiatus from writing about it.  My creative genes need refreshing.  The link to the recipe (along with a detailed blog on how it's done is above).  This is another King Arthur Flour inspired dish -- what would I do with out them!

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