Prom 2010

Hi.  Things have been hectic...  which means I don't even look at the computer during those rare moments I am home.  I managed to sneak a few minutes in so that I could post some overdue promised prom pictures...

Here is the girl...

Every one came out to check on things...  It was very cold and windy.  I am not sure how the girl put up with having pictures taken outside for as long as she did.  That girl had goose bumps on her goose bumps. 

With the boy...

And more with the boy...

The back of her dress was really very pretty. 

One last one... This was at the high school for the walk in.  What a mad house that was.  Kids showed up in bus limosines, standard limosines, classic cars, "fancy" cars, clunkers.  A bunch of girls even got out of the back of the Village ambulance (sirens and everything...).  A good time was had by all (?).  Mom is just glad its over!!!!

Hopefully, I will get back in the swing of things with some rhubarb lovin'.  We have a laser tag birthday party Friday night.  Plus I have two birthday cakes  to make this weekend (the boy and the girl both have birthdays in the next several days - 16 AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH) and an ambition to do some preserving...  Will let you know how all of that works out for me. 

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