Serioulsy, this has to be the most exciting thing to happen around here in a while...

It's Cinco De Mayo - but other than it being the 5th of May, I really have no clue why its celebrated. 

I know, I know, I know... nothing could ever be more exciting than the fact that today is National Hoagie Day.  So please, try to control yourselves.  I am sure half the country doesn't even acknowledge the existence of "hoagies" (that would be a submarine to the rest of us). 

So if you are done jumping up and down in celebration of Spanish translations of the date or thick, crusty rolls topped with highly processed meat & cheese products, I will try to give you something just as inspiring... 

Here you have it, peeps.  Peeps, meet George.  George, meet the peeps.  Here's looking at you kid.  Welcome to the crazy family!!!

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