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I know June is almost over, but some things are always worth mentioning - even beyond the "month of awareness".  The month of June has been designated at National Hunger Awareness Month. 

Funny thing.  You know its out there, but unless you are exposed to it on a daily basis it just doesn't have the cast of reality.  I honestly can't comprehend the magnitude of the numbers relating to the statistics -- and we aren't talking about a 3rd world country.  The United States.  Land of the Free.  Home of the Brave. 

Here are some statistics pulled from the Share our Strength organization's website.  Something to think about.  What floored me was that the statistics are anything but stereotypical.  It is a little overwhelming. 

Food Security

49.1 million Americans - including nearly 17 million children - lack the means to regularly put enough nutritious food on the table . They are food insecure and struggle with hunger.

Food insecurity exists in 14.6% of all U.S. households:

42.2% of all households at or below the poverty line

37.2% of all single-mom households

Families struggling with hunger experience three or more symptoms of food insecurity during seven months of the year, on average.

Symptoms of food insecurity include running out of food without money to buy more, cutting portion sizes or skipping meals, and not feeding children in the family because there isn’t money for food.

For about one-fourth of families struggling with hunger, symptoms are frequent or chronic.

Food insecure families (17.1 million households) struggle with hunger.

83.6% live in major metropolitan areas

67.7% live above the poverty line

52.1 % are white

48.7% (8.3 million) have kids under 18

Food insecurity affects nearly 17 million children in America.

34% more than last year

48.7% live in married-couple families

41.9% live in single-mom families

41.2% live at or below the poverty line

40.3% live in the South

35.5% live in cities outside of major metro areas

Share Our Strength and Feeding America are two of the many organizations dedicated to mitigating hunger in our nation.

I don't know what else to say, because I am truly at a loss for words. 

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