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There are few things that excite me the same way that a really good oatmeal cookie can.  For me, the perfect oatmeal cookie is chewy and has chocolate chips in it.  So when I saw that the author of  the 101 Cookbooks blog posted this recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, I was pretty excited.  So much so, that I felt the urge to go home and make the cookes that night.  (Which does not happen very often in my world - recipes have a tendency to linger in the "to do" stack before they come into fruition).

As I read through the recipe, I saw that she didn't claim that this was a chewy cookie (although, it was suggested that you could bake less time to get a chewier texture).  Now, I have a gad-zillion and one oatmeal cookie recipes.  Most of them are good, but nothing to write home about.  This one caught my interest for one main reason - it was made with whole wheat flour and wheat germ in addition to the requisite oatmeal.  What a neat idea - to sneak more fiber into a snack.   

So the girl and I braved the heat of the kitchen on a sweltery (is that a word?) July evening and tested the recipe.  Verdict?  Good, but probably not the best OCCC I have ever made.  Would I make again?  Prob'bly.  I think chilling the dough before baking and cutting back on the baking time would get them closer to the chewy texture I like (I did already cut a minute off the recommended time).  They definitely rated high for having such a large fiber content.  And, HELLOOOO... they are oatmeal.   

I won't post the recipe, since I pretty much followed it as written - except I used up some leftover bags of mini-chips and chocolate chunks in lieu of the chocolate bar (link to recipe is above in first paragraph). 

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