Oh, those protective mommas

The robins are back and a second batch of eggs has hatched.  I didn't realize that that momma robin was sitting in the nest when I went to take a couple of pictures.  Within a minute, I had a couple of robins dive bombing me.  Oops.  I didn't stick around to get more pictures, since they chased me half way across the yard.  I am sure it was rather comical to watch; but since I was the one being dive-bombed at the time I wasn't too amused... 

I have to give those robins credit though, because they have been protecting those chicks from all the neighborhood cats that have been stalking the tree waiting for one of the baby birdies to fall out and become a snack.  (There is a "cat lady" a few houses down that lets her myriad of cats run loose all over the neighborhood.)  I will be very happy when the babies leave the nest so that the cats will go away.  They have also been chasing down the bunnies that have taken up living in the back yard as well. 

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