And they're off...

As the Saratoga Track Season comes to end, another racing season begins. You bet'cha - it's cross country season again.

Yesterday was #1's first meet of the 2010 Season.  She came in a respectable 5th (4th for her team).  She held up really well considering the rigorous training she went through all summer (not...). 

It was a nice preview of the upcoming season - the team has some strength but also has some weakness to overcome. 

It took some getting used to their new uniforms.  Especially the boys - because they looked like three or four other teams from a distance. 

They are running a bit of a gap between the #4 and #5 runner, which they will need to tighten up if they have any hopes of hitting states this year.  There were a couple of girls on vacation, and I think one of them will fall in between that gap which should help things. 

I didn't really get any good shots of her running in this race.  It takes me a meet or two before I get back in the groove on which settings work best and when to shoot, how far out to focus, etc.  So I will post a couple of the better shots of her team mates. 

There are a couple of the girls that I always seem to get great shots of.  I love the look on their face when you can tell that they are in "that place". 

Ah, to be so young an full of energy...  Here is the one ok shot I got of her. 

The girl that came in between her and the first three runners for her team (and the race) competed in states last year.  So nothing to be ashamed of there. 

And of course, Coach is there in the back ground on his bike as they approach the finish line -- giving out those last few shouts of encouragement. 

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