Green Mountain Lake Invitational

This past weekend, we took the three hour hike down to Pawling to watch the kids run the course that will be the site of this year's State Championship.

Even though we are Class B, we were placed in the seeded race (Championship race), which meant we were competing up a couple of classes instead of racing in our division.   It was a difficult course - at least the hill was. 

Here is a shot of the Sheriff on the four-wheeler.  He ran the course in front of the runners to make sure things were cleared for them.  Wait for it.  Wait for it.  Wait for it. 

Here they come!  Hey, I told you wait for it!

Ok, now take a very close look at the picture below, because in a minute I am going to ask you to take a quiz! 

This is the girl toward the lower half of the killer hill (this is a mile in).  It was long and it was steep.  It sucked the wind out of some pretty good runners.  It was a very hot day as well (in the mid- to high-80's).  I give a lot of credit to all of those kids for performing as well as they did. 

Below are Lizzie Predmore (Shenendahowa) and Brittany Winslow (Queensbury) - these two are constantly neck and neck (along with Brittany's twin Danielle).  Both are top runners and have competed nationally. 

Here are the girls coming down off the hill coming up to the last half mile or so of the race. 

Now remember that picture where I suggested you look closely, because later there would be a pop quiz...  Well, here it is.  Tell me what's missing in this picture (and no cheating!)....

Did you figure it out yet?  No?  What's missing are the shoes.  She lost her shoes in the first half of the race and completed the race shoeless.  I kid you not - over a mile and a half with no shoes.  She came in 2nd for her team and 27th overall - she was only about 13 seconds behind the first place finisher for her team.  I am still in awe over how she was able to pull that off.  One tough cookie.  (The boys grabbed her shoes for her, so she was reunited after the race). 

Overall, the girls placed 5th in the seeded race - which was pretty impressive since they were running against Class AA and Class A schools - some of the schools are top X-C schools too. 

Everyone held up really well - both boys and girls - considering the competition. 

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