Week 3 - Adirondack Country Classic

Another Saturday has come and gone.  With it, another beautiful day at the races... 

#2 decided to self-portrait before the race.

Queensbury is one of my favorite courses to watch the kids on.  You get lots of opportunities to see them if you are willing to take a hike into the woods. 

The team ran in the large school division. This means that they were probably not going to walk away with first place, but they were racing against tougher competition which was a good opportunity to see how they measure up. 

The Queensbury girls team was ranked pretty high nationally last year.  They have a very strong program.  Our girls held up very well against them.  The girls came in 6th over all in the large schools race - even while missing one of their top five runners.  #1 came in first for her team.  She had an excellent day.  It was a pretty amazing feat because her team has some very strong girls. 

Overall, the boys fared better, placing second in the large schools division. 

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