BHBL Invitational - Last Invitational of the Season

It is hard to believe, but the regular season is coming to a close.  Yesterday was the last invitational of the season.  One more dual meet and we are in post-season competition.  How time flies...

Yesterday was a bit chilly, but fortunately the rains died down so that we all didn't freeze to death.  It was a bit windy, but a good day for running.  Burnt Hills Invy is a favorite for the kids.  There were 81 teams entered for yesterday's competition.  I think 27 Varsity teams were on deck for the Div II race. 

The girls came off the start pretty strong and stayed together in a pack for the race. 


The girl came in 12th overall.  Fourth for her team.  The girls came in 1st for their division. 


The boys were down a couple of runners, but still made a strong showing - 6th in their division. 

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