The Bog...

Wednesday night, we had a dual meet with S. Glens Falls and Scotia-Glenville. 

It was cold and kind of miserable.  Keep in mind that we have been having mad, crazy, ridiculous amounts of rain and our trail is a little muddy on a good day. 

I was working the opposite end of the course, since it was a home meet and wasn't able to get pictures, but through the power of cell phones here are a few to share with those of you who may be non-believers of what we like to call "The Bog".  I kid you not, this is what they had to run through.  I have to give these kids credit - because what you are about to see is not for the faint of heart.  Some shoes were lost, but all of the children made it through to the other side.

So without further ado...  Here is the bog.  Really. I kid you not.  This had to be run through - and it was not the only one.  It had friends. 

Here are a couple of pics of the modified girls running through the bog.

Boys will be boys...

Our team swept both teams with a 15 score (boys and girls).  The girl lost one shoe -- which we still have not located...  The kids had fun.

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