Fall - In Harmony

Ah.  Fall.  Upstate NY.  Apple Season (which came early this year).  But alas!  The heat has subsided and once more we can return to our kitchen's without the fear of melting or heatstroke or heat-related irritiablity.  (I can't really promise that you won't suffer from other irritability in the kitchen - but you should be fairly safe from the heat-derived kind). 

So with Fall on my mind (although, I guess "fall" should now be called "fallen" - as in that is what has happened to the leaves on the tree in my back yard), I was happy to see this recipe: Smitten Kitchen Apple and Cheddar Scones.  I like options for apples that don't involve pie or crisp or crumble... (Just to be clear, I REALLY REALLY REALLY love those things, but by this time in the season, it's kind of been done already - like a zillion times.  And pies...  Well, pies involved pie crusts and we won't even go there). 

The recipe involved dry baking apples.  Which I was a little skeptical of - but it takes out some of the moisture so that you have soft but not mushy scones (mushy is great for baby food but not so much for baked treats...)

Fresh grated cheddar brings a nice kick.  I didn't have any NY Cheddar on hand (which is the best, in case you didn't know any better...).  But I did have a nice Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar on hand.  Anything Cabot is a good stand in when you can't get the NY stuff.  (All kidding aside, Cabot does make excellent products - we won't even talk about how many sticks of their butter I go through in a year.) 

The link to the post with the recipe is above - I won't retype it since I actually followed the directions (for the most part).  Smitten Kitchen made six free-form scones.  I used my handy-dandy notebook scone pan (sorry, the Blue's Clues reference just popped out).  I bought a couple of these stoneware pans last year.  I am not always a huge fan of items that are relegated to one purpose, but these were worth the investment. 

# 2 girl really loved these (and keeps asking for more).  #1 liked them too.  So this recipe got placed in a plastic sheet and added to "the book". 

When I get a few minutes, I will try to post some pics from last night's dual meet (last "season" meet for XC - we are now in the post season). 

Until then, may your apples be tart and your cheddar sharp!

Dabble on, my friends.  Dabble on.  


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