Foothills Championships - the end of a season is closing in quickly.

Monday brought the "beginning of the end" of season - council championships.  It is the last time that all of the full teams compete together - so it was exciting as well as bittersweet.  (After Foothills - only ten runners from each team are left to compete in post-season). 

It's funny how vested you become after five years of watching these kids perform.  You know that they aren't your kid - and in a way, they are your child's competition, even though they may be on the same team.  But somehow that just doesn't matter.  You watch them have good days.  You watch them have better days.  And you know when they are having a bad day.  And you feel for them. 

Some of these kids may have been in daycare with your child.  Others are just class mates.  Over time, you even feel an affinity for the kids on the other teams that you have had the chance to follow week after week for several years.  It's a funny thing.  But not a bad thing.  It's just a human thing.  I am not sure how you could remain detached over time. 

I couldn't help but post a picture where the girl was ahead of a "Q". 

Or a picture of one of the boys ahead of a "Q"...

Any way...  the girl came in third for her team.  Fourteenth over all.  The top five runners for the girls were able to "pack in" close together.  This will be important in Sectionals next week.  (and keeping their times strong)

The girl's team claimed third place overall; the boy's team second. 

When it was all over, I was a little sad.  Next year, she will be a senior and every event will be her last.  Growing up is hard... on the parents...

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