Grout Run

It was a beautiful day in Schenectady's Central Park for the 72nd Annual Grout Run.  After Wednesday and Thursday's downpours from the tropical storm, I am sure all were relieved to see such a clear, sunny day.  I wasn't able to get as many good shots today of the girl running.  Unfortunately, the bright sun always seemed to be in the wrong place and the abundance of people resulted in walk throughs of the shots...

I don't have any of the team results from today.  The girls ran in the Div II large schools race.  The girl came in 6th in her race and first for her team.  She had a very strong day today with a great kick at the end. 

I don't know how the boys fared.  No results are posted on-line anywhere yet (how impatient technology has made us...)

The rose garden was in full bloom at the park. Unfortunately, I ran out of memory on my camera and couldn't get many shots of the roses. 

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