The end of the road

I know this post is about a week late... (sorry)  I catch a flight the next morning for a business trip and by the time I made it home, I had time to pack and not much else.  I am home now and finally catching up.   

Both the boys and girls team ran at NYSPHAA X-C State Championships last Saturday down in Pawling.  After the mid-week snow we received, I was a little nervous about the day.  However, Mother Nature was smiling and it was a gorgeous late fall day - a perfect day for running!

The girls teams ran first - starting with Class AA.  Our team was in the third race.  We had a chance to watch some of the best girl runners in the nation during the AA/A races.  I can't even fathom the speeds some of these girls are capable of.   

I have found that I am not the best picture taker when I am really watching the race.  So, no pictures of the girl.  Added to that, the kids were not wearing their normal uniforms (they run in the color of their Section - maroon), which made it a little harder to spot them coming. 

Our girls were able to take a fifth place finish amidst some pretty tough competition. 

The boys ran in the early afternoon. 

Despite some very strong performances, they took 9th place for Class B boys. 

Alas!  Winter draws nigh and another season has passed us by. 

Congrats to both teams on an excellent season. 

Cross-country coverage by Cher... Signing off!

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