So... how many bags of cranberries does it take to fill a freezer?

It was getting past time to use up some of the 85 million bags of cranberries I have apparently been collecting in my freezer (who knew you could fit so many in those pocket doors?). 

You see, I have this thing.  With cranberries.  I like them.  I really, really like them.  And apparently, I collect them.  A lot.  When they are in season, I seem to grab a few bags every time I go to the grocery.  And they go into the freezer.  And sometimes, they sit.  And sit.  And I open a bag.  And use a cup.  And, apparently sometimes I open another bag.  And use another cup.  And then I have four half used bags of cranberries in my freezer door.  I am sure there must be a remedy for that?

Which is very unlike me - really- my children will tell you that I am somewhat OCD about fininshing one thing before opening another.  Dude, it's just wrong to have more than one thing of the same item open.  It's just plain wrong. 

I am very pleased to announce that I have sought help for my "little problem" and there are currently no partial bags of cranberries sitting in my freezers.  No, siree. 

What about the flours?  Who said that?  I don't know anything about the 15 kinds of flour in my freezer - hey, none of those are duplicates...

Any hoo...  I gave all those stragglers a nice warm bath.  Winter is coming you know... so I was really doing them a favor.  Uh huh.  A nice warm sugar water bath.  See how cozy they look in there?  I'll even throw in a couple of friends - an orange and a lemon.  Gotta represent the citrus family too. 

Oh no!  What's happening?  They're exploding!  What kind of sick person would do such a thing?

I'll tell you who - a hungry person.  Who likes cranberries.  That's who. 

*Disclaimer: No real harm was caused to any cranberries or citrus in the making of this recipe.  The only harm done is inflicted by the warped sense of humor of the author.  Just saying...

Cranberry Sauce - Dabbler Style

4 cups fresh cranberries
2 cups sugar
2 cups water
1 orange (paritally zested, sliced and seeded)
1 lemon (partially zested, sliced and seeded)

Bring water and sugar to boil in a large heavy duty sauce pan.  Boil hard for ~5 mintutes. 

Add cranberries and citrus slices to boiling water.  Return to boil and hard boil for ~ 15 minutes - or until most of the cranberries have burst.  Stir frequently (and keep an eye on your pot - things get a little foamy/ messy if you don't keep an eye on things).  Add zest during last few minutes of cooking (if you are canning, you may proceed with canning steps at this time).

Transfer to bowl.  Cool to almost room temperature.  Refrigerate 3-4 hours before serving. 


  1. Cher is that a jar of adobo by your cranberries?? I was thinking hummm sweet and savory..Ha anyway great recipe perfect for the season. B

  2. @ Beth. Actually, it's a jar of cinnamon sticks). (I had four projects going at the same time). I like the thought of chipotle in adobo with the cranberry, though. Sounds like a concept for a condiment for a pork tenderloin... MMMMM. I am definitely going to have to think on that one.

  3. Love your sense of humor! Wonder what's going on with that cranberry obsession of yours. Glad you've got it under control. Your sauce looks yummy!


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