States, baby. States.

Meet the Section 2 Class B Boys AND Girls championship teams. 

It was a cold, wet day; but over 1,000 Section 2 runners heated up the course at Saratoga State Park.  After last year's disappointment, the girls were ready for a repeat of their 2008 performance and another dual trip  with the boys team to states.  You could cut the tension with a knife.  The kids were charged.  The parents were nervous.  Coach was on a wire.  But they were ready.  They had a great season - they raced up a class most of the season and showed that they had what it takes. 

Everyone was healthy and the pack was strong. 

And they're off...  For what felt like the longest 20 minutes of my life.  (I gave up camera duty for the girl's race so that I could chase them around the course - I know, I am a crazy mom - but it keeps me in shape!)

The girl passed this girl from CRCS at the finish line - making for a spectacular finish...

The girls came in first with a 42.  Runner up Glens Falls  came in with a 64.  We placed 4 runners in the top 9.  All of our top five came in the top 15.  The girl came in 9th overall and 4th for her team. 

I will admit that I was a little emotional when the officials handed over the plaque and told them they won.  It was a long wait - I think about 45 minutes before we got the word...

One race down - now for the boys.  Could they defend their title a third year in a row?  Would we have a dual victory...

Another nail biter.  But they were running strong. 

Since I gave it away at the beginning, it comes as no surprise that they held on to their title with a 57-82 victory over Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons. 

Saturday, it's States.  There they will test their mettle against the other top contenders. 

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