A crystal ball & a few of my favorite bloggers (Roasted Chestnut Cookies)

There are so many mavens out there in the blog-o-sphere that I am in awe of.  Each of them for different reasons.   There is Dorie, who makes me feel like I have a trusted friend encouraging me along the way.  Then there are the most amazing folks over at King Arthur who take you step by step through the baking world and bring so many things I once thought impossible into the world of reality.  I love Heidi of 101 Cookbooks for her way of bringing more natural foods into my repertoire.  And then there's Karen, the Soup Addict, who usually causes me laugh and spit out onto my keyboard with her humor and wit.  There are many others, but the final one I am going to mention here is Deb over at Smitten Kitchen - because she has this way of coming up with all the recipes that I would make if I knew they existed. 

I am truly in awe of her ability to read my mind.  I wonder if she has a crystal ball?  When Smitten Kitchen posted this recipe for Roasted Chestnut Cookies, she once again captured my current fascination with an ingredient.  Chestnuts. 

I am not sure if it is because it is the holiday season and I have heard "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire..." like a gad-zillion times.  Or if it is because I keep coming across these beautiful little guys in every grocery store.  But I could not get chestnuts off my mind.  Now, I have run into many recipes that include chestnuts this season, but most of them seem to involve soup.  I am just not sure I am quite ready to have nut soup, you know?

But roasted chestnut cookies, that was something I could get behind.  (Even if it did involve scooping and rolling out too many little balls of dough for my liking).  The dough was as simple as can be - the whole thing was done in the food processor.  I whipped up the dough in the morning before work.  Popped it in the fridge and rolled it out that night.  Yes, sir-ee.  Cookies on a weeknight.  The kids must have thought that the aliens finally took their mother away and brought them a new model - one that makes cookies in the middle of the week.  (I am not sure if they would be for or against the whole alien invasion idea - I probably don't want to to know the answer). 


#2, who has become my sous chef, helped roll out and coat the cookies.  She has become quite the assistant - maybe someday I will be able to turn over my spatula???  (Well, not all the time, because I would miss it...)  I am always telling the girls that if you don't learn how to do anything else in life, at least be able to cook yourself a good meal.  It's one skill you will always find a use for... (And learn how to make a good loaf of bread while you are at it, because bread is well... bread.  And you can't always count on being able to get good bread, so make your own.) 


Back to the cookies.  I won't re post the recipe, but I have included a link to Smitten Kitchen's site (and a couple of direct links to her post on these cookies) a few times throughout this post.  I was glad to get my chestnut fix out of the way.  The cookies were a lot like Mexican Wedding Cookies, but with chestnuts (duh, Cher).  Thank you to Deb and her crystal ball that so clearly knows what I was looking for - and thank you to the other bloggers out there who expand my world with their experiences. 


Happy eating, y'all!


  1. Oh my gosh, Cher! These look incredible. I get Deb's newsletter, and these did pique my curiosity. Great photos ... love those angled shots. And it sounds like you and I have the same favorite bloggers! Smitten Kitchen is my all-time favorite food site.

  2. Aw, thanks for the shout-out, Cher! Crazy SoupAddict aside, we have the same taste in foodie sites. And I have to say, I'm jealous of the availability of chestnuts. I can't find them around here. I'm going to have make the irritating trek to Trader Joe's - crossed-fingers!

  3. @ Ann. Thanks. Deb's site is pretty cool, isn't it?
    @ SA - you bethcha! I have been falling over the bins of chestnuts in every grocery store. I am very surprised they aren't all over the place out your way. How 'bout Jungle Jim's? Or is that as irritating a trek as TJ's?

  4. Finally, Kroger got them in (a small stack of 1-lb mesh bags [pout]). They're not in the best shape, but they worked. And I'm glad - these cookies were so delicious! (I love Jungle Jim's, but it's about 40 minutes on the highway from me. And at Christmas? Fuhgetabowdit. Fortunately, though, they're opening a second branch in 2011 that's only about 10 minutes from me - woohoo!)


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