Latching on

Sometimes, you (OK, "I") latch onto an ingredient and decide it has to make it's way into your repertoire.  I don't always understand where this attachment comes from.  It just happens. 

Sometimes, it has to do with how an ingredient appears (smell, color); sometimes, it's nutrition related (i.e. as in its re-ally good for you, so it needs to be eaten); and there are other times, when it just has to do with the name of the ingredient... 

In this particular instance, I wish I could be noble and say it was the health attributes that drew me to an ingredient, but I would be lying.  It was totally about the enunciation of the ingredient - quinoa, pronounced: "Keen-wa".  I love the way it rolls off my tongue.  "Keen-wa, keen-wa".  I could say it all day.  Well - maybe not ALL day, but I sure could say it a lot.  And it makes an awesome bird call too... 

I have always loved using Quinoa as a side dish - i.e. mixing it up with different vegetables, etc.  But when perusing my copy of Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day (one of my top five favorite cookbooks - seriously) and saw that they featured a bread where Quinoa was the star, I was intrigued. 

Like all of their bread, this is a very wet dough.  Bonus: you don't have to cook the Quinoa - the wetness of the dough and the resting time do all the work for you!  I love the technique in these books - crusty loaves, the lazy girl way!  For a girl who loves homemade bread and is often short on time, the "Five Minute a Day" series are a gift from above... 

I love the sight of risen dough!

I had a little fun with these loaves and pressed some garden cherry tomatoes into the dough before I baked it - those sweet little darlings were able to get all nice and roasted in the oven.  MMMMM.  There is also a suggestion to press in whole garlic cloves and smear them in after they have baked and get all soft and smooshy.  Who wouldn't love that?


The texture of the Quinoa played nicely off the whole wheat flour - and made for a nice hearty loaf that went along nicely with beef stew.  Plus, there was an added bonus...  When the little people asked what kind of bread it was, I got to say "keen-wa".  (No, it really doesn't take much to amuse me). 


Warning, shameless plug alert (but I can't help it, because I truly love these cookbooks...):  If you aren't familiar with the "Five Minute a Day" series you may want to take a peek at Jeff & Zoe's site.  They are always posting great recipes - including several from their books (Plus several that aren't in their books). 

I was pretty excited to hear that they have another book in the works focusing on pizza and flat breads.  Oh, baby, I am so there!  I wonder if any of them will contain "keen-wa"?  A girl can dream...

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Ooh...looks so good! Especially with the tomatos baked right in!


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