Miffed at the World... (Leek & Potato Soup)

I am really a bit miffed with the world.  Turn up my nose, give it a hmph, and stomp-away miffed - almost at the verge of a temper tantrum.  Mental image insert: Picture Nellie Olson on those rare occasions when her father had the good sense to use the "NO" word on her.  And IF I were Nellie Olson, I would look oh so glorious as my blond, flouncy ringlets bobbed up and down as I exited stage left.  But alas!  I have straight hair.  That doesn't hold curl.  Or look remotely glorious.  (Although, it can be blond.  Sometimes...)

Any hoo, at one point I even thought about throwing myself onto the ground kicking and screaming - but somewhere along the way my "superior adult judgment" kicked in and I realized that could possibly be a tad awkward coming from a person of my years.  (Might not be the greatest example to the kiddos either - but they would probably be more amused than anything). 

Back to the source of my roiling displeasure.  Somewhere in the past few days, I learned that the world has DONE ME WRONG.  BIG TIME WRONG.  A great injustice has occurred and no one is taking responsiblity. 

Can you believe that up until a few days ago that I had never eaten a leek? You are probably sitting there all like "no way, dude, not possible".  And I am sitting here all like "yes way, dude, nev-a, ev-a". And you are probably all like falling off your chair with your face frozen in disbelief.  Uh huh. 

Fortunately, this grievous wrong has been righted. And I have seen the light. Because. Leeks. Are. Awesome. I am seriously considering why I would ever need to pick up another onion again. Well, maybe I would still buy Vidalias - because they are sweet. And I really like essence that shallots bring to stronger flavored dishes. Ok, so I won't give up on the rest of the Allium family (I just love the way that rolls off my tongue... Al-lee-um), but it would not be too much of stretch to say that there is a new love in my life.   

(Side note: I didn't get in on the fun w/ FFwD until the end of October, so I missed Gerard's Mustard Tart - obviously, I would have come to enlightenment a couple of months sooner if I had been more on top of my game.  Now that I know, to that recipe I must go...)

I was pretty excited when I realized the soup included thyme and sage, which are two key ingredients in these.  Once I realized their common herb-an-ality, the bread bowls became MAN-DA-TORY.  I probably don't need to say too much else, because bread & soup go together like chocolate & peanut butter. 

Both of my favorite kitchen items bear the names of their color.  This one is Red.  My favorite Dutch Oven is Blue.  I have yet to find the perfect last names for them - hence their mono-syllabic monikers.  I was going somewhere...  (I seem to have trouble carrying out a complete thought these days).  Oh, right.  I made this soup in Ol' Blue.  I love the way she retains heat - which is perfect for cream soups. 

Speaking of cream soups, I have a confession to make... 

NUTMEG - I put it in almost everything - whether the recipe calls for it or not.  It's as much a fixture as salt and pepper in my kitchen. 

I first learned how to cook by following along with a certain perky, young lady who is now a prominent fixture on the Food Network (and now has her own talk show just before "O") back in the day when she was a regular guest on a local TV station.  Hey - when I first stepped foot in my own house, my culinary repertoire consisted of Dinty Moore beef stew poured over Ramen and scrambled eggs.  Seriously...  You may laugh, but those 30 Minute Meals were my baby steps into the world of Food.  And while I can do without some of the cutesy abbreviations that go along with them, I still go back to those cookbooks when I am feeling lazy or unadventurous...  

Back to the Nutmeg.  One of the things I picked up from the above mentioned source was the secret power of nutmeg to make cream/ milk based dishes pop.  Which it did.  And it was wonderful.  Both with and without the nutmeg. 

I ran about 1/2 of the soup through the blender - which left it chunky enough to feel substantial, but added a layer of thickness. 

In case anyone was not sure by my introduction how this story was going to play out, I fell in love at first taste.  Once the first blush of love fell away, I was angry.  And mad.  Because no one told me about leeks.  Or what I was missing.  I feel a stomp coming on....  I think it's time to go to my happy place and think about forgiveness.  Surely, one can't stay mad at the world while slurping on a bowl of leek soup????

Here is the link to the recipe for KAF Stuffing Bread Bowls, which went beautifully with this soup.  Not that this soup needed anything to go with it.  Because it was perfect and lovely.  And... SIGHS.

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  1. LOL - glad you liked the leeks - and the soup. Love those bread bowls.

  2. I made this one, too. It wasn't as thick as I thought it would be after making some of Dorie's other soups, but it was good.

  3. Love your post Cher! Too funny about never having tried leeks before...really amazing. So glad you loved them! I'm looking forward to this recipe and I may have to steal your bread bowl idea too!!!

  4. Love the bread bowl idea! I'm hungry looking at your photos. Feeling under the weather and thinking the potato leek soup may be just the right thing for me!

  5. What a great idea! I think I should also make bread bowls...this all looks very delicious...and you did a great job with your soup. Isn't if fun to learn about new ingredients, especially good ones?

  6. I only recently discovered leeks myself. I was making Ina Garten's wild mushroom soup, and it calls for leeks. I like their flavor, so I'm curious to see how this soup turns out. Great post!

  7. Potatoes and leeks are a perfect combination. Now you will always want to add a leek or two when you make a potato dish. I like your addition of nutmeg and that you put it in a bread bowl!

  8. Haha, excellent post! Great to hear you enjoyed it and found a new onion to love! Also intrigued by the nutmeg idea. And how have I never thought of bread bowls before?? SO trying that about the next 10 minutes, I think!

    The soup was lovely, though, wasn't it? I made it this week, too.


  9. ahhh...great idea to put it into a bread bowl. looks very cozy. i may have to copy your idea when I get to this recipe!!

  10. I adore leeks so I can't wait to try this one. Yours look so good!
    Trevor Sis. Boom.

  11. I agree leeks are awesome! Sorry they took so long to come into your life!

    Gorgeous soup btw!

  12. I love me some leeks! If you want a real treat, sautee some leeks and mix them in with mashed potatoes.

  13. You are delightful. I found your blog accidentally and I think I will follow your wonderful writing.

    Thank you for a smile. Enjoy your leeks. Make sure to wash them thoroughly though.

  14. Yeeeeees!!! Another leek convert! I know, there's just something about them that makes onions seem irrelevant. Glad to have found your blog!

  15. I can't wait to try this soup - I'm so glad you loved it! Gerard's Mustart Tart was the first time I had ever eated leeks and I must say, my reaction was pretty much the same as yours, they even smell great!!!

  16. Leeks are wonderful - glad you've discovered them! Love both your nutmeg and bread bowl innovations.

  17. @All - thank you for your kind words.
    @Gaaarp - thanks for the tip off with the potatoes. I have a 10# bag sitting on the counter that are dying to have some leeks mashed in. MMMMM
    @Eleanor - you are too kind. Thank you. I am blushing.
    @Becky - I wonder what else I have been missing out on.

  18. Welcome to the leak heaven! It truly is a wonderful vegetable. I am amazed that you served the soup in the bread bowls. Kudos to you! I also made this soup and it was all I expected it to be. It's Dorie, after all:)

  19. I hadn't ever had a leek either! But I do have some soup left so I might just have to run out and get some bread to make a bowl...yum....

  20. I love the breadbowl idea!
    I hadn't tried leeks until just a few years ago and I thought the same thing "Where have you been all my life, you glorious cousin to the onion."

    Happy FFWD!


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