Nice People Rock - Update

Teresa at OneWetFoot sent a Stylish Blogger Award my way.  It's my first.  Awwww....  Thank you, Teresa.  Teresa is one of the cool bloggers that participates in French Fridays with Dorie.

I have never done this before, so here goes...

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award - easy, peasy!

Thank you, Teresa for my first shout out!  I've enjoyed Teresa's take on her hometown & life in general, managing diet restrictions & of course her FFwD posts!

I need to send a second thank you to KB at Prof Who Cooks - for a second shout out on the Stylish Blogger Award.  Hers is a new blog (only three posts), but it looks like its going to be a good one!
2. Share 7 things about yourself - ugh, this seems a bit like those workshops we have every couple of years at work (I always dread it when the instructor pulls out those 4 x 6 index cards...)  Here goes!
  • I live in the Adirondacks, but I have never been skiing.  (I am a hiker girl)
  • Green is my favorite color!
  • I would rather have a slice of really good bread than a super sweet - fancy dessert (Perecca's in Schenectady makes THE BEST EVER) 
  • I am extrememly shy
  • I was a history major/ chemistry minor (I know, even my major/ minor combination was whacky) @ university, but have spent my whole career in supply chain
  • I can't deal with shredded coconut - it reminds me of finger nail clippings
  • I have no patience for football, but I love watching hockey (especially college)
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers - wow, this is the tough part, because there are so many great ones out there.  Since joining French Fridays with Dorie, I have found a host of new ones that I love.  There are some amazing stand-bys that I have "blog-loved" for a long time - but these are a few of my more recent finds...

Steph at Jumping off the Cliff  - reading her blog is liking getting a letter from your big sister or best friend
Beth at The Screen Porch - lovely recipes, lovely pictures, great choices
Trevor at SisBoomBlog - I enjoy his humorous & snarky (and I mean that as a compliment) take on things, but also his passion for what he is passionate about.  Not everyone is willing to put it out there like that.
Lizzie at That Skinny Chick can Bake - because seriously, what's not to love about a blog name like that!
Allison at The French Whisk - because she was as freaked out about handling a whole raw chicken as I was...  Just saying...
Karla at The Frozen Plumb - I love her pictures and she makes me laugh (and she's a Northern Girl!)
Michelle at FlourChild - for her sweet tooth
Seattle Pastry Girl - because, Wow!
Laura at The Pragmatic Attic - 1) she is a posting machine and 2) I have to give props to anyone that can make things look so neat and pretty
Karen at From Scratch - I enjoy her projects that run the gamut...
Tricia & Nana at Tricia and Nana Cooking with Dorie - because they are tackling FFwD together (but separately).  Pretty cool in my book. 
Candy at Dessert by Candy - amazing recipes & beautiful photos & enjoyable reading.  I think there's a bit of a perfectionist in there - I am always in awe of perfectionists. 
The Evil Cake Lady - it's cake - and she tackles the cakes from Rose's Heavenly Cakes (which I love, but often don't have patience or the time for - but they make great show-stoppers).  What's not to love. 
Pease Porridge PDX - I like how she strives for cooking whole foods, but makes no bones about liking other things as well.  Plus, kudos to any young mother that can keep up with blogging.   

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award - you bethca!  And there could have easily been twenty more...

Last, but not least... Here is a picture of the thermometer outside my garage a couple of mornings ago. The sad thing is, this wasn't even the coldest morning from this week.  I was taking The Karate Kid to lessons tonight and she looked at the car thermometer and saw that it was almost 30F.  She said "Mom, it's more than 50 degrees warmer than it was the other day".  And she was right.  When you put it in that perspective, it just seems wrong.

Can someone please take me somewhere warmer for a few days????  At least long enough so that I can feel my extremities again.  Just saying. 


  1. Congratulations on your award! I received one from Elaine at
    http://ecalifornialiving.blogspot.com/, and I handed out my 15 awards to some of the same bloggers you awarded! Great minds think alike!

  2. Thanks, Cher! I think you rock, too!

  3. Cher.. You are so supportive. Thanks for all your wonderful comments that you so generously share. Congrats on your award!!! You deserve it.B:)

  4. Cher.. Thank you so much for all your supportive and generously given comments. Congrats on your stylish award! YOU deserve it. Thank you for thinking of me. B:)

  5. Oh wow! Snark! You are just too kind and your words mean so much. FFwD has really exposed me to so many nice people so to have my perspective appreciated has been fantastic. P.S. I was a history major too. Why didn't we become historians?
    Trevor sis. boom.

  6. Cher, thank you so much for the award...you are too sweet. I just love what you said about reading my blog...made my day!!!

  7. Thank you so much for the award, and congrats to you too. It's nice to know someone out there is enjoying my blog!

  8. I nominated you over on my blog! That's neat you were a history major--I actually am a historian now! History is the only thing that I cannot understand how someone can't like it. Most everything else, I can completely understand...but not that one.

  9. Oh, Cher, you are SO kind!!! I totally argee with you about FFwD...a fabulous community..I've connected with so many wonderful people like you! Thanks for the incredible award...I look forward to cooking along with you for many more Fridays to come :)

    PS...your comment about shredded coconut totally cracked me up!

  10. Congratulations, Cher! I enjoy visiting your blog and appreciate all your comments on my FFwD posts. What a great list of fellow bloggers that you are passing the award on to!

  11. Cher you are too kind! Thank you so much.

  12. Thanks Cher! You rock! You're right us afraid of raw chicken kids gotta stick together!


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