Trying to be friends... (Dried Beans)

I am trying to make a new friend.  But I am not sure my new friend is ready to be "friendly" with me yet...

It's kind of like in high school, when you want ever so desperately to be friends with the popular girl (not the evil, mean one; but the one who seems like she could be okay once you got to know her).  You give each other a shy smile and half wave in the hall way, but you don't know how to move forward and just be friends.  

That is how I have been feeling about cooking with dried beans lately.  Weird, huh?

I want to get to know them.  And work with them.  But I feel like my efforts are falling flat.  Canned beans - I am "in tight" with.  Dried.  Not so much.   
But I am determined.  I shall continue to soak and cook and coax and seek out tips and tricks and recipes.  Some day, we will be friends.

In the meantime, half-waves in the hallway will have to do. 


  1. Dried beans and I occasionally do a full wave but we aren't the best of friends either!

  2. Ah! Food speaks if we listen! Maybe the hesitation is generated by your intuition that legumes are not good for you. There's quite a body of reference work out there to support that, much as I'd like it not to be so.


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