When Good Cheesecakes Go Bad...

Question:  What do you do when the "goofball cook" has a major brain cramp and pulls a cheesecake out of the oven too soon and it collapses all over the kitchen counter because it hadn't set yet?

Answer:  Scoop it all into a stoneware baker and turn it into a cheesecake casserole, of course!


Of course, one could say that the cheesecake casserole was the original intent after all.  It may not have been pretty, but it was very tasty - Spooncake, anyone?  Yeppers.  No kitchen tragedy happening here folks.  Nothing to see.  No curling up on the living room floor in a fetal position.  No tears trickling down one's cheeks.  No sinking feeling in the bottom of the stomach.  No leaving the room for fifteen minutes until the hyperventilating ceased.  Nope.  None of that.  Not at all.  Never.  Ever...

Just a cheesecake casserole. 

And then comes the realization that if a messed-up dessert is the worst problem faced on a given day, then life is not so bad...  Kind of puts things in perspective.  And with perspective, comes the ability to laugh at one's self.  And to lay it all out there, hoping that someone else can laugh with you.  Or even at you.  As long as it brings a smile somewhere.  (I can tell you that The Little Ones sure were amused). 


  1. I like it! If it tasted delicious, then you're golden!

  2. Cher! lol. I would have called it pudding! Actually, I completely botched a red velvet cake (I still haven't found one I can get just right) and turned it into red velvet trifle. One of my resolutions is to share more of the things that don't turn out according to plan. I love this post.

  3. @ All. Thanks. When life hands you a lemon...make a lemon creme!


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