Winter Addictions (Avocado Pound Cake)

These things are known to be true:
  1. If its offbeat, I am probably a fan
  2. This time every year, I crave color
  3. I also crave warmer climes - and food that comes from places far warmer than here
  4. I looovveee cake (just not chocolate cake w/ chocolate frosting or anything with shredded coconut - BLECH)
  5. Green is my favorite color
  6. Avocados are good for you

I felt it was necessary to lay out those pieces of information before I further elaborated on my ongoing quest.  The last time I tried to find the perfect one of these... it was very good (and I will certainly make it again), but it just wasn't THE ONE. 
I am not sure if it just me, but sometimes I will get hung up months on end trying to find the perfect recipe for a hankering that I have been having - it becomes my "holy grail".  It can be a little frustrating, because I will have an idea of what I want.  I will generally know what ingredients it should have - but the exact ratio of what makes it that "perfect" consistency or flavor or color is just beyond my grasp.  Sometimes, I will get close enough and give up; other times, I just keep at it until I get it just right. 

And the verdict doesn't always come right away.  If I think the recipe is close enough, I will remake it a couple of times to see if practice or technique gets me the rest of the way there.  Sometimes, I am a numskull and mess with the recipe the first time through (and end up with an epic fail), which means I have to make it the way it was intended to see if that helps.  (I do have a tendency to self thwart...) 

Back to my meandering (and someone lost) point...  One of my current "holy grails" is the search for the perfect avocado cake.  This perfect cake is tender, but has a little bit of "bite" that takes it closer to savory.  It should be sweet, but not too sweet.  And it should be a little green - not unnaturally green, but enough color to give you an idea of what lies within.

So, when I saw a recipe for avocado pound cake on Joy the Baker, I was pretty excited because it seemed like it would take me one step closer to my goal.  And do you want to know what drew me in?  It was the corn meal.  That "bite" that I was looking for.  I was so excited by this recipe that I made it the same day I found it.  Seriously - when something excites me enough that I bake on a week night, that is pretty major. 
Fortunately, it was a pretty simple make - although, it did have a bit of a long bake.  (Gratification was a little less than instant).  Fresh out of the oven, it had a crunchy crust with a tender crumb.  The day after, the flavors seemed to have ripened (translated: even better on day two). 

Regarding the "holy grail" status - do I think I have found the perfect avocado cake?  I am not sure.  I really do like this one, but the final verdict eludes me.  I shall cogitate.  And ruminate. 
Instead of re posting the recipe, I am going to post the link to Joy the Baker's post on Avocado Pound Cake.  Because Joy's blog is a trip to read.  And this post had me cracking up.  Even if avocados are not your thing - check out her blog!


  1. That cake looks really interesting, but I was expecting an even brighter avocado color...Still looks good!

  2. @ YC - Everytime I bake with avocado, I find that the color dulls down a bit through the processing - it would be awesome if it stayed as vivid as the fruit! Although, it was far greener with this cake than some others than I have tried. Certainly the flour and other ingredients mute it.

  3. We are on the same wavelength! My spouse walked in with a huge bag of avocados yesterday and I told him unless he wanted ice cream or cake made out of them he was on his own! Then I see this today! I know this sounds funny but I am feeling compelled to make this just because I want to see if a dash of cayenne would take this over the top! Hmmm....

  4. @ Sis. Boom. Love, love, love the cayenne thought. I never think of that when I am in the middle of something. Spicy with sweet is always a winner in my book. (Cranberry & chipotle, chocolate & cayenne... mmmm). Avocado ice cream is a favorite in our house - usually made with Almond Milk. Double MMMMM.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am glad you enjoyed my post. Now that you are trying more meat free, like you said, there are so many new things to try out there that play up plant based protein sources. Have fun experimenting. I love the color of the pound cake. I never would have thought to add avocado. I have a friend who would go nuts for this recipe, so I might just pass it along.


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