Today's public service announcement is brought to you by...

Looks like a perfectly lovely banana cake, eh?

And in the end... perhaps it was...

It started out innocently enough.  Sour cream, vanilla, eggs, flour, bananas, etc.  Grease & flour pan.  Fill to 2/3 -3/4 full.  No worries, right?


Uh.  Wrong. 


But never fear.  Years of kitchen disasters & parenting have "learned me" one thing...  Most situations are recoverable.  (Even when a four year old gives herself a very interesting new hair style that includes "micro bangs"???  Yes, even then.  Although the recovery period might last a little longer...)

In this instance, a long serrated knife took care of things quite nicely.   And a "little bit" of elbow grease took care of the burned on mess that had adhered to the tray left on the floor of the oven "just in case" (obviously, I am no stranger to "just in case"). 

Flip 'er over...  And it's like nothing ever happened. 

Nothing to see here, folks.  Just a cake.  Sitting on a platter.  (Whistles, taps fingers on desktop, eyes averted toward ceiling.)

This was actually a very lovely cake - tender crumb, soft flavoring - I will share the recipe on another day.  DISCLAIMER:  The baker of this item takes full responsibility for her failure to take into account the volume of the recipe vs. the baking receptacle vs. the nature of the leavening agents being used and in no way attributes her failing to the recipe author.    Chalk this one up to "lesson learned" (until next time...)


  1. Lol. Love your PSA. Cake batter volumes are very tricky indeed. I halved a recent cupcake recipe but still ended up yieled 3/4 of the original amount! I like your cake pan!

  2. Ah...
    You just captured and described perfectly how I live on a day by day basis!
    Beautiful cake!
    (And I think I have bundt pan envy!)

  3. So cute! I can't tell you how many times I have done the same thing...I guess that's one reason why I dirty so many pots, pans, and bowls when I am cooking and baking.

  4. Ha ha, great post! Don't you hate that! I've done that so many times and cleaning the oven is the worst! Great save though-- and one reason I love bundts, they are so forgiving and you get to eat the overflow. :) Yours looks beautiful!

  5. The exact same thing happens to me. So before baking anything, I always place a baking sheet lined with parchment paper at the bottom of my oven for easy clean up :-] Oh and I love your Bundt cake mold!

  6. Great save, Cher!!! It looks like a wonderful cake...and next time you can have some cakelettes, too :)

  7. Thank you for your kind comments on my "snippets of thyme". It looks like we're in the same stage of mothering. I look at my 14 yr. old son and say "you're still mine for 4 whole years!".

  8. Hehe, nice cake :)
    As for 'micro bangs', that made me laugh :)

  9. Ah! Another reason why I prefer bundt cakes!

  10. I hate when that happens - nice save!


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