A Fish Tale (Dolphin Fish w/ Mango Salsa)

I have to admit I am a bit bummed to be back from vacation.  Flat out did not want to come home. 


And I think everyone else felt the same way. 

Basically we spent most of our time here...  And it was enough (although we did do some sighseeing in the evenings after we had our fill of sun).  

The Dude (who shall now be known as Captain Ahab) did take a day away from us all (I suppose that after all that time with three chicks he needed a little "man" time) and went deep sea fishing on The Gulf Stream.  And came home with one of these (That's a 183 # tuna - and yes, it is real...  SN: I thought he was mighty brave to be sporting a Yankees t-shirt that far South of the Mason-Dixon line).

The group also caught a whole lot of these... (They hit a school)

"These" are dolphin fish.  I have to admit that at first I was a little freaked out, thinking that they were off catching dolphins - but was relieved to find that these fish are unrelated to dolphins (which are mammals).  (Duh, me).

Since I am going to have a bit of fish on my hands, I had to start finding some different ways to use it up...

We were lucky enough to have a rental with a full kitchen, so "we" started while we were still on vacation with some fresh from the ocean dolphin fish.  I had a couple of mangos on hand that came with me from home (I know, I know.  Who trucks produce 700 miles because they don't want it go bad sitting back at home?  I guess I do...)

The end result was a mango-cilantro salsa alongside an "en papillote" fish (for those who may recognize this method from FFwD).  It was light and summery and oh-so-good...

Dolphin Fish (or other white fish) w/ Mango Cilantro Salsa

For fish
2-3 fish filets (1-1.5 # total)
1 handful fresh cilantro
1 Tbs olive oil
1-2  medium sized lemons, sliced (any citrus works nicely here - I used lemons because that is what I had on hand)
Salt & pepper
Aluminum foil (~12" square)

For salsa
2 ripe mango, chopped into bite size pieces
1 small red onion or 1/2 a medium sized one, chopped
1 handful fresh cilantro
1 Tbs lime juice
1 tsp salt

Preheat oven to 425 F (or fire up grill). 

To prepare fish, place squares of aluminum on flat surface.  Layer three to four slices of lemon in a row on base of the foil to serve as a "bed" for the fish.  Layer fish on top of lemon slices.  Lightly season with salt & pepper and a light drizzle of olive oil.  Top with cilantro leaves.  Seal packets and place into preheated oven or grill.  Cook for ~10 minutes - it will really depend on the thickness of your fish. 

To prepare salsa, combine chopped mango and diced red onion.  Toss with lime juice and cilantro leaves.  Sprinkle with salt. 

It's that easy!


  1. Oooh, there's nothing better than fresh fish. This sounds delish!

    That's a whole lot of tuna. Captain Ahab has skills! :-)

  2. I just made the same mistake reading your post, LOL! I was like dolphin, SAY WHAT? BUT whew, I just learned something new:-) Love the mango and cilantro salsa, nice, light and packed full of flavor:-) Thank you for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading many more of your posts:-)
    Hugs, Terra

  3. How cool, Cher! I just posted Tuscan-style Grilled Albacore which was delicious! I was excited to buy it from the boat, but having it caught fresh for you - even better! I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation!

  4. What a great combo, even better than the salmon tomato one! Great post!

  5. Mmm. First of all, before I answer your question, your mango/cilantro salsa looks really delicious. I love that combination and especially on fish. Now, you asked about whether I tried the millet/rice flour combo for those shortbread cookies. I did not as we don't have any gluten intolerances in our home. I did, however, get the recipe from the blog Tartlette. Without a doubt, everything I have tried from her blog has been delicious so they would probably be yummy with those flour substitutes.

  6. Mmmh... make some ceviche! It would be amazing to cool off in the summer heat.

  7. That sounds lovely, Cher. I'll have to try the salsa. There's nothing like fresh-caught fish.

  8. This looks so delicious! Well, at first I was like "oh no! we are eating the dolphins now!!! LOL. glad to see that is not the case :) This does looks very light and summery. Have to bookmark it because I am in the fish mood lately.

    A Platter of Figs


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