Blini, blini, appletini (Buckwheat Blini w/ Smoked Salmon & Crème Fraîche)

Update!  Files recovered. Pictures now have something to do with food...

Since my lap top's hard drive decided it was done cooperating this week (hey, kind of like its owner...), I don't have pictures...  If the lovely Geek Squad people can rescue the pictures off that naughty hard drive & locate them on to the new computer, I will add them in.  It's been one of those weeks.  So until that point in time, it will be another random picture post.  Unless they can't rescue my files.  Then the random pictures will have to live on in infamy.


Anyhoo, back to regularly scheduled programming...

Dad & Mom at one of The Runner Girl's Cross-Country meets - because they are awesome like that!

One of my happy food memories (hey, not all my food memories involve cold canned beets, EWWWW) are breakfast-dinners.  Totally one of my favorite meal plans while I was growing up. 

Pancakes.  Applesauce.  Eggs - if we were lucky, dad would fry up some bacon and THEN fry up the eggs in the bacon grease.  Ahhhhh. 

My seat at the table faced the stove. So I was able to watch each pancake come off the pan and into the yellow (or gray) Malloware bowl.  I can see the flat frying pan used for pancakes - it was a dedicated pancake skillet (there was also a dedicated popcorn frying pan, but that's a whole post to itself).  Leftover pancakes were great in the toaster the next day - a little bit of butter.  Maybe some syrup.  Oh. Oh. Oh.  Happy times. 

Creme Fraiche in progress...
I can remember my dad mixing up the pancakes - part white flour, part wheat flour.  Beyond that - no clue what went into them.  I don't recall him ever looking at a recipe for it.  He just did it.  I think I have noticed a random box of Bisquick in the pantry these days, but that's okay - once you reach the "octopus years", I think you get to cheat a little if you want to...

My favorite way to eat pancakes was (and probably still is) a stack of four pancakes (yeah, I know, I am a piggy) with a layer of applesauce between each cake. 

Now that I am a big girl, I make my own pancakes and get to play around with different flours & flavors - which is fun.  However, there is a piece of me that still feels like I am scoring big time when I get to have pancakes at the 'rents house. 

Bubbling brew... (okay, so it's really batter)

Blini/ buckwheat pancakes are no stranger in my house.  Usually, they get served up with a blueberry syrup made from wild Maine blueberries (I love those little guys) & sugar.  Hands down my favorite way to eat buckwheat pancakes. 

Topping them with salmon & crème fraîche- that was a place I had never taken them before.

I felt mighty "fancy-like" serving the "miniature" pancakes with a topping of smoked salmon and a drizzle of crème fraîche.  Totally holiday appetizer worthy...  You can find the recipe as published by Bon Appetit in December 2006 here.

This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie.  Go check out what the rest of the FFwD crew has been up to... I bet they even have pictures!

Have a great weekend!


  1. How did you manage to cook your pancakes without burning the edges like that? I had my skillet on medium and it still looked 'fried'... Your dad sounds like an awesome breakfast guy and you were the luckiest kid growing up! Mine doesn't know where everything is in the kitchen - at all.

  2. Is that homemade crème fraîche? No you di'in't! You're my hero! (I love the wild blueberries, too - best topping for pancakes, ever.)

    Glad you got your stuff back. :)

  3. Fancy schmancy!!! I love that you made your own crème fraîche!

  4. @ Foodiva - my dad is one pretty cool dude. I think it had something to do with growing up on a farm and only having one sister (five boys) - they all had to learn to be pretty self sufficient. Oh & made the pancakes on an electric griddle. It always seems to turn out perfect pancakes every time. (I totally burn them after the first batch when I do them on the stove)
    @ Soupaddict - I did. I did. And there is nothing better than those little blueberries on a pancake.

  5. Cher, I haven't done mine yet :) I hope to be able to participate in time for FFWD today ..been busy with work. Your blini looks good and ohh you even make your own creme fraiche !..you are so clever :) . You have great parents too !

  6. I felt a little fancy this week as well, especially since we decided to serve ours with bubbly. I mean, if you're going to go fancy, may as well go all the way.

    I have to say that with all that yeast I really expected the pancakes to rise more, but these were actually quite a bit thinner than my usual pancake recipe. I was a bit worried that I had done something wrong so it's nice to see that I wasn't the only one with thin results.

  7. I loved these beauties, too! So glad you recovered your photos...whew. And kudos for making your own creme fraiche :)

  8. awww!! we never did breakfast for dinner when I was a kid, that was a weird American tradition like pajama day which my mother didnt let me participate in either until she dropped me off at school and saw my teacher wearing pajamas ans slippers too,... lol but I do have fond memories of micky mouse pancakes!
    The blinis were pretty tasty!!! :)

  9. awwww! I have fond memories of some mickey mouse pancakes at my house, but my mother thought that breakfast for dinner was a weird American tradition much like pajama day! I wasnt allowed to participate in that either until she dropped me off at school and saw my teacher wearing crazy pajamas and huge fuzzy slippers! : ) ....
    glad you liked these! we are having more for breakfast!

  10. Your blini look great! Mine turned out kinda fat and squatty. Glad to hear your laptop finally cooperated!

  11. It looks great and how did you make the creme fraiche????

  12. I am a buckwheat newbie but this will definitely not be the last time I make some blini - er, pancakes. Can't wait to mix them up with fruit. Of course your parents are awesome! You can tell by their offspring. ;-)

  13. @ 4pure - Here is the recipe I used for the creme fraiche

    @ Adriana - Awwww. Thank you.

  14. I think I would have preferred a couple appletinis, but these are great for a party!

  15. So sorry about your hard drive...it happened to me not so long ago! Don't you hate when things like that happen? Your blinis looks wonderful...I guess they were pretty fancy but so delicious! I've made blinis before for a shower/brunch I threw. They were a big hit then and now! Have a great weekend!

  16. Yours look yummy. I have to admit, I liked mine better with yogurt and apple butter the next day - but a fun recipe!

  17. Enjoyed your post...appletinis sound great...applesauce and buckwheat go together in my book. Your salmon appetizers look wonderful...nice way to use these.

  18. You are a Creme fraîche rock star!! I love your serving plate. Everything seems very fancy this week!!

  19. I'm glad you loved them, too... I couldn't stop eating them! :)

  20. What lovely blinis! Eating them with blueberries sounds great too. I enjoyed these too.
    I borrowed Good to the Grain from the library for a test drive.

  21. I feel your pain with the hard drive thing, and I'm glad it worked out (that's super lucky--I lost an entire chapter of my dissertation that way and it didn't work out). Oh, but the blueberries. I'm totally making that Homer Simpson sound that he makes about doughnuts. I'm also really amazed by the homemade creme fraiche. Dang!

  22. Yours look great. Blueberries with the blini sound delicious. Hope you have a nicer week free from technical difficulties!

  23. Loved the title of this post! I would adore the blueberry syrup, I am sure, so now I really want to try them again this way - if I can stop myself from eating the blueberries au natural.

  24. The chives on top really make them look pretty. It was fun to make something so "fancy".

  25. I agree that these are holiday appetizer worthy - I can see having a blini bar at brunch, too, with a bunch of toppings for people to choose.

    Breakfast for dinner is such a treat! These blini would fit right in, with some fluffy omelettes, back bacon, and some (decaf) coffee.


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