Not quite back in the saddle again... (FFwD: Blueberry Marscarpone Roulade)

The theme for July is finding respite in spite of the insanity.

Something cool in the middle of a hot spell...

Something easy when things around you are hard...

Something sweet when the rest of the world seems sour...

 Now, I am absolutely not complaining; but it kind of goes like this:

1) Graduation
2) Leave 2 AM that same night/ morning for vacation
3) Have relaxing vacation - that is, until ocean scrapes "one" up and water gets in places it wasn't meant to go... (apparently, human respiratory systems do not do well with ocean water in them)
4) Said ocean water makes "one" very sick and "one" drags self to urgent care
5) Of course this is a few days before "one" is having a graduation party at their house for said graduate
6) There is a holiday somewhere in the middle of all this
7) "One" survives said graduation party and gets majority of mess cleaned up just in time to...
8) Drag said graduate off to college orientation for two days
9) One really needs a nap

Beautiful blueberries

I have decided that from here on out, things just can't get any more complicated.

And I've kind of gone on strike.

Other than a batch of cookies & a buffalo chicken dip, I haven't done a thing in the kitchen in over a week.

It's been pizza, Subway & scrounging. My kids still love me in spite of this neglect (there is still cereal, milk and eggs in the house...).

House chores have been reduced to essential minimums (dish washing, mess clean up, laundry & trash emptying). Bed making has been deemed non-essential.

I haven't been grocery shopping (except for emergency "have to have" items like milk & OJ) in almost two weeks. Thank goodness for the weekly onslaught of fruit and vegetables the CSA faeries keep sending my way.

This lovely roulade was made before the self-imposed work stoppage.

I had just started my anti-biotic treatment (and the other lovely doctor prescribed remedies for what ailed me) - which means I probably should not have been operating anything involving heat, electricity or with sharp edges.

My pre-sick self was worried about how this was going to work out - it was my first time, you know (in making a roulade...).

Sick me wasn't coherent enough to know the difference.

Maybe I should be incoherent more often, because I can't remember the last time I made a cake that came together with so few hassles.

Unlike all the rest of the July selections, I pretty much followed the directions (except for substitution the marscarpone for cream cheese - the theme for July is "use up what you have..." - and I had cream cheese).

I had received a pint of blueberries in my CSA share that week and was pleased that this showcased them in a deserving manner.

The cake topped off a FFwD dinner that also included salmon with basil tapenade (hold the basil) and the lemon barley pilaf (which contained neither lemon or barley). It was a rather lovely meal - but I am not sure how that happened.

Hopefully, the work stoppage will cease sometime in the next couple of days. I have been on a pesto kick and have a few variations bouncing around in my head. A few batches were cranked out pre-strike. Everything else is sitting in the fridge waiting for successful labor negotiations to commence.

This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie. Our group does not post blogged recipes, but one bloggers description of this cake can be found here.

Peace out!

P.S. Anti-biotics have since performed there wonders. I am back to normal health-wise, but still on strike :-)


  1. Awww Cher, what an ordeal for you! I can't imagine having a whole family to care for and a household to run while being sick. Your cake looks great and I'm relieved to hear that it was without hassle. I hope you'll be back to your energetic self soon!

  2. I hope you shook your fist at the ocean to tell it you weren't through with it yet. That sucks. No one should get sick on vacation...right before a party...while work is crazy.

    Bed-making has always been non-essential in my book. Some day I'll get the hang of it. Maybe.

  3. You should do more baking while sick, that roulade looks fantastic! If it´s any consolation I had the crappiest week, and it´s winter... have a great weekend!

  4. Sorry to hear that you have been sick - hope you feel better soon. Your roulade looks amazing - just the ticket for a summer dessert.

  5. I would say that a work stoppage is fully understandable. Making the bed would be the least of my concerns during such a week as you have had. And very impressive that you managed to get in all of this month's recipes while you were sick. And you cake looks perfect!

  6. Cher, my list is similar except for the ocean episode...yikes! I thought life would slow down when the kids got older...nope! Your roulade looks wonderful...glad you were able to crank out some Dorie recipes despite your health issues. You go, girl!

  7. Wow. I'm exhausted just by reading your day! And, I'm laughing at your modified ffwD dishes! That's something I'd do!

  8. I hope you are better now! Your roulade looks great!

  9. Oh Cher! LOL. . . not AT you, but WITH you. I am so sorry to hear the lovely salt water ocean wreaked havoc on you. It sounds like it is no fun. I do love the dish you have here. I am long overdue for some yum from the oven, but it's the heat--oven items are few and far between--it makes me want to scream and cry all at the same time! I hope you feel better soon!

  10. Cher, big hugs from afar! Isn't a vacation supposed to make you feel good...Hope you will be feeling better real soon! Your Blueberry Roulade looks wonderful, summery and delicious! We loved it too and I was glad that the cake came together so easily.

    Take good care of yourself!

  11. Cher, So sorry about the infection…what a way to enjoy a vacation!! I sure hope the antibiotics have kicked in! Your roulade looks absolutely perfect…So glad you enjoyed it…we also thought it was delicious! Sit back and enjoy your weekend…and feel better!!

  12. Wow Cher! I think you should stay on strike the entire month of July! Your roulade looks fantastic. It amazed me how easy this was and it helped to not have P&Q hand wringing:) Take care of yourself! Hope you have a peaceful weekend.

  13. Yummm! This looks fabulous! I feel that I am stalking you on twd post comments. I seem to comment right after you every time. Lol.

  14. I can't quite figure out what happened to you on your vacation. Understanding that I don't know how to swim, am afraid to get my head under water, so don't know what I'm talking about, how the heck did you get enough ocean water in your lungs to make you really sick. Can we say "run down", "immunity system compromised", I could go on and on here. Anyway, your roulade does look delicious and it appears you've already knocked off the salmon. And, Cher, take it from someone who knows: Going on Strike, every so often, is very good policy.

  15. I'm impressed with your entire menu! After reading your list I felt like a slice of your blueberry roulade and then a quick nap to reenergize myself! The heat, the water in the lungs and then a graduation party, whoa, time out..I hope you're relaxing this weekend;-)

  16. There's nothing lousier than a vacation that leaves you worse off than before you left. I hope you're feeling better now and that you have some good memories of the graduation party, in spite of the illness. I think it's pretty impressive that you've managed to pull off so many of this month's dishes, considering. I'm looking forward to making that roulade, soon. Yours looks great.

  17. Cher it looks beautiful - and just catching up after my weekend away - so sorry to hear you've been sick but I see on Twitter you are feeling better now. Hugs xo

  18. That is a great looking roulade. I will have to give this another try and work the
    recipe as called for, you make it look easy. Hope you are feeling a little bit better
    now, and that strike business is a excellent idea.

  19. Entertaining piece, Cher, but truly sorry you were sick. Guess that ocean is the carrier? Wouldn't dip in that area anytime soon. Wow, I am impressed, you made the whole shabang in a week. Glad the grad is on her way and you can rest a bit. Summer demands that we quit trying so hard, doesn't it? I have a feeling the syrup concoction was part of your cure, lol.

  20. A strike huh?!? I think you've just put an idea into my head! Sounds great!
    (you ocean experience made me laugh, I don't mind the water but the sand does my head in!)
    Enjoy your strike!

  21. It was a really surprisingly wonderful dessert. Perfect to highlight fresh blueberries and so light for summer.

  22. Hope you are feeling better! BEAUTIFUL cake!!

  23. It was fun catching up on your July posts! The roulade was definitely one of my favorites.


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