Who knew? (French Fridays with Dorie: endives, apples, and grapes)

I could probably start and finish the post with this statement: Butter-sauteed grapes are a revelation.

You can keep your endive and your apple, but pass the grapes please.

Mind you, the other things were nice, but I am in love with the grapes.

Going to switch things up a bit this week and cover all the "food stuff" on the front end this week. Bon Appetit published the recipe - it can be found here.

For the first time in a dog's age, I stayed true - except for the omission of the rosemary and the pepper. And used a red Moscato to deglaze the pan and form my sauce.

I went into this with a bit of a "what the...?" attitude and came out kind of in love.

Of course, a 40 minute saute in butter would have magical powers on just about any food (can you say caramelized onions?). And it was so stinkin' simple, to boot.

I was stuffing my face with this at 8:00 (late dinner), so I have no other opinions than my own. The Dude is out of town on business and it was long past The Karate Kid's self imposed 7:30 PM bedtime. (I think she is the only high school Senior I know of that puts herself to bed before 8:00 on a school night.)

I want to believe that it wasn't just my late night hunger that had me Jones-ing for those grapes.

There might have been a couple hearty hunks of focaccia involved as well. But if there are no pictures, it didn't happen, right?

On another note, I seem to be going through a mid-season funk. Is it just me?

I am bereft at the thought of summer's passing. 

I like autumn and everything, but my head knows that soon I will have to turn on the heat. 

The frost on my back deck will be replaced with snow and ice.

And I will have to start wearing closed-toe shoes again. (I hate wearing shoes to begin with, so the foot-confinement of winter makes me want to cry).

I AM happy to get a break from the insane heat that was the hallmark of this summer (this was the summer that finally broke my air-conditioner-less stance). 

It is nice to be able to get back into the kitchen after several month's of minimalist activities.

The changing leaves are pretty (until they fall down into the back yard and I have to clean up after them...)

Of course, with autumn comes cross-country season.

It is strange watching Runner Girl on her new team. 

Getting to know new faces and new courses.

I wasn't sure what to expect. 

For example - was I going to be the only mother schlepping all over the Northeast to watch her child compete? (The answer is "no" - there appear to be many other sets of parents just as insane.)

When she was in high school, I used to wonder if it made a difference to her whether or not I was at every meet. Frankly, there were days when it didn't really seem like she wanted anyone there. 

After she graduated from high school, she answered that question (without my even asking). Yes, she always knew I was there and yes, it mattered. Apparently, it mattered a lot. Which means I'll keep on schlepping. It's what we do, right?

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  1. I want to try this! I've got the book but can't seem to commit to every Friday. And I can totally relate to your story about your daughter. They do appreciate it, even if they don't tell you. Love this post so much.

  2. What a good Mom you are. I'm glad Charlie isn't at sports-age yet. I kind of hate watching any sport but football, and I care too much about his tender little brain to allow him to play that (much to my husband's irritation.) Maybe when he's old enough, I won't mind schlepping all over for it. We'll see...maybe I can convince him to just stay home and read. hahaha.

    Your grapes look awesome. I loved this dish back when I made it, and don't know why I haven't made it again since then.

  3. I was surprised by this one too. I was initially looking forward to it because I just assumed that it was a salad. Skepticism kicked in once I saw that we would be cooking the lot. Skepticism seemed to be confirmed when I tasted it right out of the pan (the fruit was too sweet and the endives too bitter). But then with the chicken I actually really liked it. Who woulda thunk it?

    And, not to sound melodramatic, but my mother never came to a single one of my events when I was in school, so I can confirm that yes, it matters.

  4. I couldn´t find grapes at all, so that was the end of this recipe before it began. The best part of the seasons are those few weeks when they are actually changing I think. I will try butter roasted grapes when they appear. They sound like something a would like. Love how they turned a deep color Cher!

  5. So true! this dish is quite a revelation. I haven't had in in years and i really miss endives in Asia these days. Endives are so versatile and they go well with other flavors as well. Thanks for sharing your experience Cher!

  6. We're following our grand kids around now, ha ha, it never ends;-)
    Looks like you had fun with this recipe and yes those buttery golden grapes were little flavor bombs;-)

  7. Grapes are one of those foods that I have problems doing anything to but washing. I still have your pickled grapes on my list (and honestly, they DO look fabulous). Buttered grapes ... not too sure about that, although I wouldn't be surprised at all if I found myself totally all over them once I tried them. About fall food, I dove in a little bit to fall food, and quickly realized I'm not over summer yet. So not ready for fall food yet. (Although I'm okay with a little soup here and there.) Today's lunch will be a cherry tomato caprese salad with tomatoes, basil and arugula from my gardens. I'm beyond exasperated that September ends this weekend....

  8. To me, this recipe was a hidden gem. I would have never tried it if is wasn't for FFWD. I agree with you - loved the grapes. Lucky you having a daughter who puts herself to bed early on a school night. I can't get my 3rd grader to do it, let alone my high schooler. Great post - enjoyed reading it and loved your pictures. Have a nice weekend!

  9. You are such a great mom. My mom came to all of my events in high school and, I never would have told her at the time, but it definitely mattered. Fall is actually my favorite season, but transitions are definitely hard, no matter what. Glad you enjoyed the recipe.

  10. You are a good mom Cher. When my boys were in high school I longed for the schlepping days to be over but when they went to college and were not involved in school sports I was at a complete loss! I look back on those days now as the meat and potatoes of our lives. We miss them but the grand baby makes it easier:) I love fall and hope for a long one. Did you see the Autumn Snow story in the October Bon Appetit? It made me think of you:)

  11. I have to admit, upon reflection, the grapes were my favorite part as well!

  12. You are too sweet my friend :D
    Such a good mum! And I love your endives salad, so unique!

    Choc Chip Uru

  13. Aw such a sweet post Cher :) Runner Girl is very lucky! And I love that you loved the butter sautéed grapes so much :D

  14. I would be bereft at summer's passing too - here, ours is yet to come. Glad you enjoyed this - it is a pretty dish.

  15. The grapes were wonderful, I agree. As much as I love fall, I do think of it as a bittersweet season. Make some more grapes. That should take some of the sting away.

  16. I made mine as a late night snack, too. Dinner was long past, but I still wanted to finish the recipe on time, so I threw it all together and went to town. I with you -- the grapes were the bomb!!

  17. Cher, nice to read that you enjoyed this recipe as well - it is quite wonderful, I agree and the grapes add a very nice and intense sweetness to the finished dish. I love the presentation in the pale green skillet and I applaud you for supporting your daughter, being there and taking lovely pictures!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Before this recipe, i had never even considered using endive with dip or spread. How
    did I miss that one? We all enjoyed the recipe and I think it would be a nice side at Thanksgiving with either the endive or squash. Have a great weekend.

  19. The grapes were divine!!!! I am seriously considering braising a bunch of grapes everyday!!!!

  20. I'm in love with the grapes too. And to think that without FFwD, I would have never tried this recipe. Runner Girl is so lucky to have such a supportive mom (and you are lucky that she seems to know it). I have to admit that even this summer didn't break my air-condition-less stance, though it was a tough one... Have a great weekend.

  21. I also thought the grapes were wonderful…but I loved the apple and endive too! I know I would not have tried this one if it wasn’t for Dorie! And I loved it! Your runner girl is very lucky to have a mom who schleps everywhere to watch her compete!

  22. You're a great mum Cher!
    And I am totally convinced they notice and care (way more than they let on!)
    Love the self imposed bedtime! So disciplined!
    Your dish looks great and you did stick to the recipe! (kinda :) )

  23. I have been known to carefully tread through three feet od snow in flip flops because I am revolting against close toed shoes in the final stretches on winter! Im sure my bright red toes werent thanking me but I hate to see Summer go too! And we have been both blessed and cursed with an Indian summer here so I can relate! great job with those pesky endives though!
    PS. keep on schleppin'! My mother in law didnt miss one game or meet of all six of her children's school careers! And they all loved that she went!

  24. Our summer's hanging on a little into October, at least enough to keep my summer garden going, anyway. It's lovely that your daughter let you know how much it means to her that you show up for her meets.

  25. I agree, the grapes were a revelation. Great idea to deglaze the pan with the Moscato!


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