Looking around (Recap)

Blah, blah, blah. New Year.

Blah, blah, blah. Resolutions.

Whew. Glad I got that off my chest.

I suppose I should say something inspiring about the upcoming year. Or what I am resolving to do better this year. Or a message of hope and peace. Or something.

Yeah, not so much.

Things are kind of weird and all cross-roady around here right now. I am still figuring it out.

One. Day. At. A. Time.

Runner Girl flew the coop this fall and made it through her first semester of college in a manner that totally exceeded our expectations (Happy dance). Culinary Kid only has a few months left of high school (Happier dance). I have one of those ridiculous landmark birthdays coming up this year (Sad shuffle). The Dude's daughter is planning a wedding (Denial, denial, denial). By the end of 2013, I may have a mostly empty nest. Weird.

Things are just one jumbled up mess of anticipation and excitement with a healthy dose of worry layered on top.

Life is a journey, I am still waiting to see where it takes me...

Headed to the Summit - Cascade Mt./ Adirondacks, NY 
Okay, enough of the gushy stuff.

So... to finish things out in a totally less awkward manner, here is the Cliff Notes version of 2012's most visited posts. They all involve flour. Why am I not surprised???

5. FFwD: Bubble Top Brioche

Bread is totally in my wheelhouse.

4. TWD: Rugelach

Cookie making...so not my thing, but I seem to have done more than my normal share of it this year.

3. TWD: Berry Galette

Yes, you can grill almost anything.

2. TWD: Buttermilk Crumb Biscuits

Epic food fail, but some humorous writing.

1. TWD: Hungarian Shortbread

Sometimes, it all just comes together. Enough said...

I wish everyone a safe and prosperous New Year. I am pretty sure that I am looking forward to what's ahead. I hope you are too.
See you next year!
Peace out.


  1. Wonderful recap! Looking forward to more of your adventures in 2013 - and, hey, I survuved turning 50, so I know you can make it through your much younger biirthday this year!

    Wishing you a fabulous 2013! xoxo

  2. Lovely recap, Cher - big changes afoot, for you, too. I have a feeling that the FFwD will be singing loudly for your upcoming birthday, so no fear.

  3. Happy New Year! Sound like you have an exciting year ahead.

  4. I'm no good with landmark birthdays, everyone was asking when my 40th party was going to be last december so I ran away to Hawaii! I'm not a party person and hawaii was the perfect solution.
    Runner Girl sounds like she's doing great and I'm sure Culinary Kid will too.
    A wedding! Wow!
    Enjoy the journey Cher!


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