At the table (French Fridays with Dorie: Swiss Chard Pancakes)

I don't think that you can ever be too old to sit down and enjoy a plate of pancakes at your parent's kitchen table. The older I get, the more I appreciate it.

There are few foods out there than can bring me back to my five-year old self like a batch of pancakes fresh off the griddle.

At my parents house, Mondays are dubbed "Pancake Mondays".

This is a more recent tradition, but I am totally okay with it.

Seriously - with the exception of The Dude - who doesn't love breakfast for dinner? (Don't be scared, I am still working on him - one of these days I will win him over on the concept. I have declared it so.)

The pancakes from my childhood were a mixture of wheat and regular flour. I remember the container of wheat flour that was there solely for pancake making.

Back then, using wheat flour was fairly exotic in my mind.

I would not have knows what to do if someone had thrown a batch of Swiss chard in them and called them "farçous".

Yep, these are not my daddy's pancakes.
Whirred up in a blender until it looks like one of my morning green smoothies?
Totally not the pancakes of my childhood, but oh so good.
In lieu of maple syrup and apple sauce, I topped these with creme fraiche and chives.
They were a perfect side to these cod and chard roulades. (The balsamic tomato sauce made a great "dipper" for stray pancakes).
Well, I guess childhood wasn't as far removed from these as I thought...
Yes, kids - even adults play with their food.
Peace out.
This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie. The recipe for Swiss Chard Pancakes was posted on The Splendid Table website.


  1. These look and sound fabulous! I can't get my husband to eat breakfast for dinner either. He always jokes when he leaves on a trip that I can have a bowl of cereal for dinner while he is gone. I don't think it will ever happen for him. That's OK. Something for me to look forward too. :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed these. I thought they were ok, but probably would have liked them better if I'd remembered the salt!

  3. Ha! I had these with the cod roulades as well and I loved them! Breafast for dinner is one of my most favourite things!

  4. White flour makes them so much prettier than whole wheat. I did like these a lot too, and will be making them again. Have a great weekend Cher!

  5. So did you ever make Mickey Mouse Pancakes? And, if you did, which ear did you eat first, right or left. I still have the MM griddle and wouldn't that be fun, MM swiss chard pancakes as a entree side at dinner. Yours look lovely. NICE POST. Rather than throw away the last few huge leaves of chard, I just doubled down and used them. The result - green, really green façous!

  6. We used to love pancakes for dinner, we always had little sausage links with them. We had them with the cod as well.

  7. Sounds like you enjoyed a fantastic 'Dorie' style feast! Your Swiss chard pancakes look good do you think butter and maple syrup would be weird on a stack of these pancakes? Have a great weekend Cher ;-)

  8. I like it! I've only ever heard of "Pancake Tuesdays".

  9. So it seems that I was the only one dumb enough to use all the oil Dorie called for. Since I really liked the idea of these, I may have to try them again without all the oil next time.

  10. Breakfast for dinner is one of the greatest of ideas. The pancakes would be delicious for breakfast or dinner.

  11. Haha sounds like a delicious tradition :D
    Love these pancakes!


  12. I love breakfast anytime of the day! Great photos and perfectly delicious looking pancakes!! I really loved the texture and taste of these little pancakes!!
    I love my new Vita mix…I’m still rather intimidated by it….but I’m getting used to it!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Cher!

  13. Okay, I must open the AMFT book and make these--I have chives galore in the garden right now--chard is still in baby stage, but still. . . Yum!

  14. I have chives all over the back yard right now! I am going to bust open the AMFT book and give these a go--they look delish!
    *I may have posted twice to this, just fyi! Tech. "old-timers" moment.

  15. I never had breakfast for dinner. My husband was raised by his dad and he ate pancakes for dinner all the time, plus a lot of chipped beef (that I'm not so jealous of). Your pancakes look wonderful glad you enjoyed them.

  16. Hi Cher, yes! Breakfast for Dinner is a great option for us too, and probably happens once a week. usually when I'm too tired or short on time or the cupboard's getting a little bare (or all three!) I'll have to mark this page in my AMFT to try soon, maybe with a side of bacon!

  17. I have always loved pancakes, savory or sweet, but I only associated them with my dad until I got married. Dad still makes the best, but we never ate his for dinner. Pancakes are awesome for dinner. These were good for dinner and for breakfast. Nice work!

  18. I love breakfast for dinner, though not necessarily these pancakes. Maybe if I'd served with tomato sauce? Glad to hear that spring as finally sprung in your neck of the woods! Have a great week.

  19. Cher, how nice that you enjoyed these healthy pancakes as well - they look wonderful and I am always seriously jealous of ruby Swiss chard which is next to impossible to find around here unlees you find a farmers´ market. I am looking forward to the month of May, the recipes for the FFwD look wonderful!
    Have a lovely Monday!

  20. I'm glad you enjoyed these! I wish I had thought to serve them with a sauce. I love breakfast for dinner. Definitely one of my favorites.


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