What happens in the past... (Daring Bakers April '13 Challenge: Savarin)

The other day, the "me of ten years ago" and the "me of today" were having a conversation with each other.

They do that sometimes.

"Older me" was filling in "younger me" on all that's going on. Like how much the kids have grown (can you say college...) or what we have done lately with the house or which car is sitting in the driveway these days.

Just life in general.

In retrospect, "younger me" is often surprised by the twists and turns that life has taken oven the past year.

Sometimes, the curve balls are beyond what anyone could anticipate.

Of course, a good part of their conversation centers around about food. How could it not?

"Younger me" could make red sauce, scrambled eggs, chocolate cookies and Hamburger Helper. For real. Fortunately, my kids don't hold that against me - I think they managed to forget the worst of it. Or maybe it was the cookies. Cookies are the equalizer of life - they smooth over a world of ills.

Back then, none of us would imagine that the day would come where I wouldn't bat an eye at a baking challenge that involved making an enriched yeast bread, soaking it (simple syrup & strawberry rum), and then making a vanilla bean Chantilly to serve along side.

I am sure Hamburger Helper Cher would never have seen that day coming...

Savarin is one of those dishes that I have contemplated making on more than one occasion, but have passed over because it just seemed like a hassle - all that advanced planning stuff. 

Silly me.

Soaking bread in rum syrup - genius. Adding vanilla cream to the rum soaked bread - double genius.

Even though making a Savarin does involve a few components, none of them are particularly difficult. Yes, it did require planning ahead; but it didn't feel like much of the time was active.

And the end result was totally better than anything that could come out of a Hamburger Helper box...

True that.

Peace out.

This post participates in The Daring Bakers. Natalia of Gatti Fili e Farina challenges us to make a traditional Savarin, complete with soaking syrup and cream filling! We were to follow the Savarin recipe but were allowed to be creative with the soaking syrup and filling, allowing us to come up with some very delicious cakes! The PDF for this month's challenge can be found here.


  1. I think I only made savarin once, but ate many good ones many times, especially in Europe. The younger me baked a lot but didn´t have much of a palate yet. It´s good to change. Have a great sunday Cher, and eat savarin!

  2. Yay for you Cher - you've come a long way, though I don't mind a little hamburger helper now and then.

  3. Cher, savarin is wonderful and I even baked it a few times as people around here quite enjoy it. So nice that you got a chance to bake this wonderful cake with its soaking syrup and cream filling - it looks delicious!

  4. Yeah, savarin is just a *tiny* step up from Hamburger Helper ;)(And you're right about cookies being the great equalizer!) The strawberry rum syrup sounds amazing. Looks so good!

  5. Kudos for your effort! Looks good!

  6. I would love to try the savarin my friend, this is gorgeous :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. I threaten hamburger helper when people are slow to clean dishes. Looks delicious.

  8. Yonger me could only make scrambled eggs and a basic butter cake, that's it!
    I am sure if she took a tour in my blog she would have to pick her jaw off the floor a few times
    I sadly missed this challenge due to lack of time but I really need to try this soon


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