Better late than never (French Fridays with Dorie: Anne Le Blanc´s Pistachio Avocado)

Sometimes when I am getting myself into a FFwD frame of mind, I conjure up visions of an oh so casual, yet oh so elegant, impromptu get together at chez Greenspan somewhere in France.

Pierre Herme would bring his Olive Sables and something Ispahan insprired.

Mme. Maman would bring her chopped liver (everyone would take a polite thank you bite).

Maybe Helene Samuel would stop by with her all-white salad.

Paul Bert would bring his pepper steaks.

Marie Helene would bring apple cake, of course.

And last but not least, Anne LeBlanc would bring the ultimate in casual elegance - her infamous pistachio avocado.

The wine would be superb; the conversation scintillating; the company would be warm.

It would all be lovely.

Now in my world, it kind of (actually) went like this. 6 PM Thursday night, I walk in to my parents house.

"Do you like avocado"

Parents secretly wondering if their youngest child has lost her mind.

"I need to cut up an avocado to post tomorrow and can't eat the whole thing."

Parent are sure their youngest child has lost her mind.

"And I need to take pictures outside"

Assumption further validated.

The crazy world of Cher is, well, a littel bit crazy right now. Given the chaos that is my life these days, my appreciation for this week's recipe-that-isn't-really-a-recipe but is more of a concept was pretty strong.
Fortunately, the more organized Doristas pointed out that PISTACHIO oil was required - which finally triggered the realization that the bottle of oil I was counting on was AVOCADO oil. Not at all the same thing. Fortunately, they also provided options. Options that I embraced like a chocoholic standing in front of a dessert fountain.
Who's got your back, baby?
Solutions were provided before I even knew I had a problem.
Of course, it will come as no surprise that I couldn't even manage to follow the non-recipe recipe all the way... Instead of pretty little avocado halves filled with a well of pistachio oil, I sliced up the avocado, squirted lemon juice all over it, drizzled it with pistachio oil and sprinkled with Maldon sea salt. (By the way, isn't Maldon sea salt "The Bomb" - I love that stuff.)
Next time, I am thinking grilled avocado halves and lime wedges....
Fortunately, next week's recipe is a non-recipe as well (although, if I decide to make my own bread, I am sure I could complicate things up suitably...). Goat cheese & strawberry in tartine form - come to momma! I am already thinking of drizzling it with either an espresso or chocolate balsamic vinegar.

Have a great weekend all. Stay cool!

Peace out. XO

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  1. I'd love to be invited to that dinner party! YOur presentation is lovely!

  2. Perfect photos, but I just get a big kick out of your writing.... you always make me laugh.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Yay! I see my comments are getting through !!!

    Isn't it great inside our minds?
    Reality just can't compare to the scenes happening inside our heads :)
    I think you did a great job and I love the outdoor pics

  4. I'm down with these non-recipes! So easy...perfect for summer.

  5. You have a great weekend too Cher. I like your idea of balsamic on the tartine - I am going to eat that recipe as a weird non-dinner this evening, so it is a timely suggestion.

  6. I like your idea of grilled avocado wedges - yum! My parents are a little suspicious of my food-photo-taking on occasion, but my Mom is just as likely to get into Food Stylist mode and join in, so I count myself lucky.

  7. I'm ALL about these non recipes with less than 2 weeks of school to go and a mountain of things to do right now! Love this post Cher :)

  8. I think your presentation is way better than the half avocado with the oil inside. I will volunteer to be a waitress at your party anytime! I also used maldon salt over this; I brought a few packages from the US a year ago, that´s how much I love it!

  9. That sounds like me sometimes w/the desserts-you like this flavor? Good! Now wait til I photograph. I like the idea you have to grill them. I always have super ripe ones that are only perfect for guac-not a bad thing though, right?:)Looks great, Cher!

  10. This looks perfect in Summer, thought I am not a huge avocado person! :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  11. Sounds like a great dinner party! I had problems reading this non recipe through, too! I peeled mine before I read that we were to leave them in the skin….oh well! Still tasted great, as I’m sure yours did! I actually love the way the avocado looks fanned out. So pretty! Happy weekend, Cher!

  12. I love your fantasty into the Dorie world. I think that is part of her appeal, plus she does have a great eye for good recipes. Ah yes reality, my mother finds some of thinks I make kinda of strange and my kids, well, they are actually getting used to it and secretly I think they enjoy trying "the weird French food my mother makes." Very charming photos outdoors.

  13. Your photos look wonderful! I love the whole narrative. My reality is a bit more like yours. I did mine with the halves - and it was ok. Maybe the ratio of lemon to oil... dunno. But happy this worked out so well for you!

  14. Bless you for conjuring up Dorie's guest list. I have been meaning to do this in a post myself. It seems as if you are to be infinitely googleable should you ever find yourself in France sharing a recipe with your good friend Dorie.

    Don't forget that Marie Helene would insist on bringing her apple cake.

  15. Ha I loved reading your post and such lovely photos too!
    I have made next week's assignment and it is even easier than this one. Probably because I didn't have to make my own balsamic vinegar. Ha!
    Chocolate balsamic just sounds so dreamy though.

  16. Sounds like a lovely dinner party and I would love to attend.

  17. Sounds like fun Cher! I'll bring the wine!

  18. Cher, it all sounds like a lovely and well-rounded dinner - nice presentation of your avocado slices drizzled with lemon juice and pistachio oil - plus that wonderful English sea salt!
    Have a good Sunday!

  19. I think Dorie should invite you to that party! I liked the homemade pistachio oil. So much flavor. It was brutally hot this weekend. Much too hot to sit in front of a computer until now. It's normal now. I do love the Maldon sea salt. I should have thought to put it on the pistachio avocados.

  20. I would have loved to have been sitting with your parents in their living room when you bounded through the door. I have to think this is Cher-normal so probably no blood pressures were raised. I think your presentation is beautiful - much prettier than two halves. And, I love your dinner party idea. Melissa gave me a coffee table book for Mother's Day entitled, "My Last Meal, 50 Great Chefs and Their Final Supper". (what they would have as their final supper) . Your outdoor photography is beautiful.

  21. Sign Nana and I up to bring Gerard's Mustard Tart to the dinner party :) Sounds lovely. So fun that you could share the Dorie adventure with your folks - makes it extra special. And good for you to take outside photos. I am usually doing my recipes late at night so rarely get a daylight photo. I had fun with making my own oil but after reading some of these posts I now am very curious about tasting the real thing.....

  22. Funny, I also was planning on using avocado oil until I realized that wasn't the point at all. I really like your presentation. Much prettier than the avocado halves.


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