Hot pockets??? (Tuesdays with Dorie BWJ: Savory Brioche Pockets)

Confession: Sometimes, I just don't pay attention to things.

Confession: When I say "sometimes", I really mean "more often than sometimes".

It's a known flaw in my operating system.

This flaw is selective.

Laundry - I am so all over you. 

Plant watering - not so much. For the love of Gertrude, please don't ask me to care for anything that requires more than a twice weekly watering.

Planning a vacation months in advance - I am your girl. I will have your reservations made and your itinerary delivered one month before take-off.

Reading directions before starting something - uh, who does that?

You get the picture?

So, it should come as no surprise that I went into this thinking the pockets were going to be stuffed with jam or some other equally delightful substance. (You would have thought that "savory" would have been my first clue...)

Fortunately, I have made enough brioche that I knew I would have to start this project the day before I wanted to eat them.

As I started to prepare the brioche - visions of strawberry jelly filling were still dancing through my head.

While the dough was in refrigerator resting, I finally sat down and read the recipe and was very baffled why my jam filled pockets were asking for onions, potatoes, goat cheese and asparagus.What was up with that?

Finally, I started paying attention.

Savory does not equal jelly. Vegetables and cheese equal savory. 

Was I making hot pockets?

Um, kind of, sort of...

Once reality and I became friends again, there really was nothing else exciting to report on. The process was a lot like making ravioli - only with dough...

Buttery, eggy brioche filled with goat cheese-smashed potatoes resting on a bed of caramelized onions and topped with a couple tips of asparagus.

Fussy? Yes.

Delicious? Yes.

What I expected? No...

Am I complaining? No. (But I still wanted something sweet in the center...)

Will I read the recipe in advance next time? I would like to say yes, but the real talk answer is "Probably not."

Lesson duly noted, but not learned... 

Peace out.

This post participates in Tuesdays with Dorie. The recipe for Savory Brioche Pockets can be found on the site of this week's host: Carrie of Loaves and Stitches.


  1. My family actually liked the savory version better than the sweet...but both were yummy! I'm notorious for never reading through the recipe, too... Glad you enjoyed, Cher :)

  2. They look great! I too have the bad habit of not reading the recipe until I'm actually in the process of putting it together. So not good. I can't wait to make these.

  3. How funny! Sounds like something I would do! But, they do look perfect.

  4. 1. I did not read my directions either.
    2. I did stuff some of mine with jam and cream cheese.
    3. Yours look so cute - well done!

  5. I´m stuffing the leftover dough with some sweet things. They look great Cher, the dough decided to stick together, and the color is perfect! And you loved them, what more could you want.

  6. I have issues with not reading the whole thing advance as well. Yours look great, and I agree, these were delicious, regardless of the fussiness. The jam idea sounds pretty good tho....

  7. Great post! I didn't read the instructions either but I think you are on to a good thing these would be great with something sweet inside. Wish I had some Brioche dough left over now :)

  8. Great post! You crack me up!! I too forget to read the instructions fully. Your pockets look wonderful. I really loved these and would make them again, but with different variations. A sweet one would be good!

  9. You are too funny. My problem is always reading past the step that says to chill for 3 hours or overnight. I always notice that about an hour before I want to be eating dinner. It would be fun to try a sweet version of these!

  10. Love it. Selective attention- we all need it right? Glad you liked them despite their savoriness.

  11. I'm hoping that by the end of French Fridays and Baking with Julia, I'll have conquered some of my last-minute-itis, but I think we're all probably stuck with our foibles, alas.

    A sweet variation is in order for these, I agree. They'd be even better than strawberry-stuffed scones.

  12. Haha, reading the recipe is so overrated. So is knowing what's in the pantry - I started making peanut butter cookies just now, and realised we are out of peanut butter. D'oh!

  13. I also have a problem reading through recipes. That's how my chives ended up on the outside instead of the inside. :) YOur pockets look perfect!

  14. I have been guilty of the same thing more often han I would like to admit. Your pockets look great. I liked these, but sort of agree with you--a large baked strawberry filled doughnut might have been nicer.

  15. lol, i'm totally the same way - i never read through recipes! they look super delicious!

  16. These look like a great lunch (homemade hot pockets?) When are you making the jam version?


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