Identity Crisis (French Fridays with Dorie: Coupetade)

This week's French Fridays with Dorie recipe seems to be suffering a major case of identity crisis.

Young Cher definitely suffered multiple cases of identity crisis.

Yep, identity crisis is one thing I sure can understand.

The mid-80's were not kind.
Those pre-teen/ early-teen years are tough enough.
Add to that glasses, braces and a horrible case of social awkwardness.
Add to that 1980's style perm and some insanely crazy clothing choices to round things out.
I don't really have to elaborate do I? Surely you get the idea.
There is still some photographic evidence floating around. It frightens me.
My mom always told me it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. I didn't believe her, but it sure was nice of her to say so. It's a gift that mothers have - being able to over look at their children through rose-colored lenses.
Fortunately, by the early 90's a healthy growth spurt, braces removal, contacts and some time with some magazines cured the worst of it. The social awkwardness probably never went away, but at least I could pretend.
Coupetade is a dish with an identity crisis going on as well. Is it French Toast? Is it bread pudding? Some call it dessert, but I think it lands firmly in the breakfast camp.
Enriched bread (I used leftover rum soaked bread from this savarin) is given the French toast treatment and THEN it gets a soaking in a custard base and is baked off like bread pudding. Whaattt???
Weird, but it worked.
I guess that if Coupetade can live with its identity crisis and still come out alright in the end, I guess there is hope for me too.
Yeah, I am going to roll with that.
Peace out.
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  1. LOL - I did not find any identity crisis in this pudding, but I enjoyed your post. It's a great pudding isn't it!

  2. It was odd but it worked well. And you're right - not sure if this was breakfast, brunch or dessert. Or you know, just an anytime snack!

  3. Yes to breakfast for sure! Ha - you had a perm? I had a bleached rat tail! Shhhhhh.

  4. It´s a fabulous bread pudding and I love that you added all the dried fruit! My identity crisis was huge, and spilled over to my adulthood. Does it ever leave us? ja

  5.'re too funny, Cher! Love reading your posts...and your coupetade looks wonderful.

  6. Some one recently posted a photo of me on facebook with enough permed hair to frighten anyone. Dessert here.

    1. I considered sharing a photo, but I wasn't sure I wanted to traumatize people that much.

  7. Oh, the photographic evidence! And I was going to feel good today. I guess the good thing there is that there is assurance that it would be a mutually destructive course to release any of it...

    I enjoyed the coupetade but thought it was perhaps one of the least exciting things in the books so far. Even the spinach had me more excited. :)

  8. This was a bit "confused" but not in a bad way....You should definitely share a photo!

  9. I betcha "identity crisis" is exactly what Trevor toiled over with this recipe! :) hehe, you did great and glad you loved it too! All those different fruits must have been nice!

  10. I had my Molly Ringwald moment too... very scary. Though the 70 clothes I wore as a kid, I think were much worse... I thought about dusting it with confectioners sugar like you did, but it still didn't make it taste like a dessert?

  11. Breakfast, brunch, or dessert - it looks very pretty on the plate. I'm pretty sure all of us have some adolescent photos we don't want resurfacing any time soon... :)

  12. Oh Cher, we all have such photos which we pray never see the light of day. I don't think that the 80s were kind to anyone.

  13. I'm glad you got over your identity crisis! You're right that this dish isn't sure what it is, though I'm on team dessert, just because I don't really like sweets first thing in the day. Rum-soaked bread and sprinkling with powdered sugar are great enhancements. I'm making notes for next time.

  14. This is all about breakfast or brunch, in my opinion, and who has enough lead time in the AM to pull this all together for a family breakfast. No one, I would say. So, this has to be brunch. Do people have brunches anymore? I think booze is what's needed to give this dish the little extra kick it needs. Since I wasn't creative enough to think about addind liquor, I just poured maple syrup all over my servings after it came out of the oven. Very good. I don't like to revisit my junior high/high school years very often - not my best memories. I am not proud to admit that I have never attended a class reunion. That tells you that my early life was always going through a crisis of some kind!

  15. My friend, what are a couple of photos? Pssht no need for it! You cook like this and it means so much more :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  16. My wife did a scrapbook page from my first 2 years of college. There are 8 pictures of me, and I have a different hairstyle in each one. Ah, the 80s.

    I wasn't sure what this recipe was supposed to be either, and unfortunately, it didn't work as breakfast or dessert in my book.

  17. I now have shoulder pads on my mind....and I don't mean football ones. My coworkers and I often laugh about how our work wardrobes have changed since the first job in the late 80's. Ah, memory lane. This dish did not strike me as a dessert but I never eat bread pudding (evidently Nana never got over the cake incident)anyway. That rum soaked bread sounds fabulous....well played :)

  18. I served mine for dessert the first night and ate it for breakfast the next morning! Definitely something I would serve for brunch next time! Nice post, Cher! Yours looks yummy! Happy Mother’s Day!

  19. I love the doubled treatments for this dessert. How decadent. I should follow along and give this a try.

  20. So true! Bottom line is ... it was delicious and can be breakfast, brunch, dessert ... endless snacking!


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