Oh no she didn't... (Tuesdays with Dorie BwJ: Fresh Rhubarb Upside Down Skillet Cake)

There are times that I feel like I owe my children a huge apology for some of the foods I make them try.

And that I have no right to feel indignant about the canned beets or liver and onions that I had to eat as a child.

Are tofu and tempeh any better on the weird scale? Spelt berries and kale?

Although, I do think my kids actually LIKE tofu. For real.

On the other hand, there were those BBQ burritos that they used to stuff in the potted plants.

Those were not a hit. I have a funny feeling if one were to dig around the huge pine tree in the back yard, there might still be a burrito carcass or fifty hiding there.

And rhubarb? Who feeds their kids rhubarb?

Sigh. I did. (Fortunately, they like it.)

I was pretty excited with this week's pick of rhubarb upside down cake. Although, the procurement of said rhubarb was an adventure in itself. Rhubarb isn't in season up here yet, so I had to haul myself out to a fresh foods market a half hour away to find some (P.S. I've never had to buy rhubarb before - since my parents have a patch behind their barn; but alas, out of season...)

Anyhoo, as I walked into the market, I noticed an unusual amount of security guards at the front of the store. Made a mental note of it and moved on. The Kid and I walked along the produce section hoping to grab the necessary rhubarb and get out before the Friday evening after work crowd starting coming to the store.

Of course, in my single-mindedness, I almost walked right into the crowd of people who were gathered around a person standing at a podium speaking. When I looked up, I realized that it was one of NY state's US Senators (in case you are wondering which one, it was the female one) and she was totally in between me and my rhubarb.

Once I realized what was up, I grabbed The Kid and hustled in the opposite direction - saying a silent prayer that no one had seen my almost gaffe.

About twenty minutes later, the crowd had cleared and I was able to get my rhubarb.

True story.

At this point, I was thinking that this cake had better be worth it.

What is it about turning a cake upside down that makes it so much more fun than a regular cake?

Upside down cakes totally rock - with or without the pineapple.


Fruit & nuts.

A lovely, cake tender from the addition of creme fraiche and tangy from the addition of goat cheese yogurt (I only had a half cup of creme fraiche, so used the yogurt to round out the full cup).

Add to that the drama of "making the flip" and hoping it all works out in the end.

Yeah, it's all good.

It was even more fun because I was able to test drive a new skillet. (One that I had been stalking for a very long time - it finally went on sale AND I had a gift card to the store it was in AND I purged two ratty non-stick skillets from my pantry to make room for it. All the love, none of the guilt :-) )

I am sure that I don't have to tell y'all whether or not this was a hit, right? (In case you still haven't figured it out, we liked it...)

Peace out.

This post participates in Tuesdays with Dorie. The recipe for Fresh Rhubarb Upside Down Baby Cakes can be found at the site of this week's host Erin of When in Doubt…Leave it at 350.


  1. Love the new pan! And orange is one of my favorite colors.:) Your cake looks great! I was pleasantly surprised with this recipe. One to make again for sure.

  2. Yum! I love upside down cake though I have only ever made a pineapple one. Must try a rhubarb one. Yours looks really good!

  3. Yup - gotta love that flip where you are just holding your breath.
    Well done on a lovely cake!

  4. Your new skillet is gorgeous! And so glad your family liked it...I'm the only rhubarb fan in my household (suprised?) so I'm taking my leftovers to share with some friends :)

  5. Your cake looks gorgeous and your story about the state senator is great. Congrats on the new pan!

  6. Your story cracks me up, and you cake looks yummy.

  7. Wow! Is that a Le Creuset skillet? Gorgeous! You're going to develop very strong arms.

  8. That's a gorgeous skillet and the cake turned out beautifully. I don't think you need to e guilty about serving kids rhubarb - once it's sweetened, it's got the same kind of taste profile as those sour candies kids love and it's SO much better!

  9. Skillet envy.

    What on earth was the senator doing at the grocery store, anyway -- besides keeping customers from their prized produce?

    And how'd you get the rhubarb to stay red? I think I bought cheapo, dyed rhubarb or something, b/c mine did not come out of the oven the color it was when it went in.

  10. Can I covet your skillet? I think I just may buy one for hubby for Fathers Day!!
    Delicious dessert even if getting the rhubarb was an experience (I walked out to my backyard and picked mine--I know life isn't always fair)!

  11. Loved, loved, loved your post!! And your cake looks fabulous! That is a great looking skillet....orange is beautiful.

  12. Gosh, you were way more devoted than me - if I had to avoid politicians and wait 20 minutes, I would have walked out with canned pears instead - that's just me. Your cake looks devine, and like Cindy, I covet that flaming red skillet.

  13. Great post! Way to stay dedicated! Kudos!

  14. hilarious! my kids eat strange things-they both loved all kinds of veggies as kids. no liver though-i don't do liver!

  15. The moral of this story is to jot down when your politicians are "in recess" because they are going to be e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. I think your cake looks even yummier because of that great big bright fire-engine red skillet. Nice score, Cher.

  16. This looks so great as a skillet cake! I always love to get new things in the kitchen.

  17. Your cake looks beautiful!!
    I love your pan, lovely orange color and so comfortable to bake this kind of dessert!!!
    Well done!!!

  18. Cher, of course that story of yours is hard to beat! I never met and never will meet a politician at the fruit monger, I do not think that it would ever occur to them to give a speech there. And your cake looks wonderful - I love that you used a Le Creuset pan for this - it is so enjoyable to get to use really good quality kitchen supplies! Nicely done!
    Have a great Wednesday!

  19. Great pan and a perfect upside down cake Cher! They are fun cakes, but if you had actually gone past the senator in the middle of the speech to get the rhubarb... jaja, I can imagine that. Have a great rest of the week!

  20. This recipe has now risen to become one of our most favorite - and the true beauty is, the endless possibilities for substitutions. Slightly envious of your new pan, definitely want one of those!

  21. What a crazy story! What dedication to drive for 30 minutes to get rhubarb, and then to wait for the senator to finish talking...Lovely new pan! I really like the color.

  22. Congrats on the new pan! I love how your cake has the little divits on the sides from the pan - gives the cake character! I am so impressed that you noticed the senator BEFORE barging in - I would have been apt to just barge in and look about in utter cluelessness as to the calamity I had created. Awesome. I enjoy reading your blog - thanks for sharing!

  23. Beautiful rhubarb production in your new pan! Don't ha just love new cookware that you wait on & nab when it's on sale???

  24. Flame - I have that very skillet. It's just so purty. :) I always feel left out, with all the rhubarb hubub. It's the one spring vegetable I really wished I liked. But your cake sure looks lovely. I'm glad your family enjoyed it. :)

  25. Gorgeous. I have skillet envy, too. Great looking cake and fun story!

  26. Perfect skillet- makes all the difference right? With this cake, it is no wonder your kids like rhubarb; who wouldn't?


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